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Author story: Muthulakshmi Mahesh

author story muthulakshmi mahesh

Why I dislike Communists? A critical Analysis of Election defeat of the Left and Congress.

I was born under the shadow of Communist rule in Bengal and I grew up hearing horror stories about the atrocities done by communist cadres. And for a politically neutral…

Book Review: The Realm Of India’s Employment Laws And The Indian Constitution by Dr Amitava Ghosh

the realm of indias employment laws and the indian constitution by dr amitava ghosh.

Book Review : Business strategies Post Pandemic by Author Swati Saksena Jha

The author has inserted wise thoughts and famous sayings of business men in the book at regular intervals to keep the reader motivated to prepare for the challenges that lie…

Featured Book

Whenever there's any revelation involved, there's always a series of tragedies accompanied to it. Then again, how big are the tragedies? And up to what level? Grandest Revelation: The Exordium…

“Sharing a Common Vision”- Dr. N Kannan

Dr N Kannan Sir was sitting right in front of me on a warm sunny morning in July 26, 2019, when I first saw him.

The Family Man Season 2 – Trailer Released

The Family Man is an edgy action-drama series, which tells the story of a middle-class man who works for a special cell of the National Investigation Agency. While he tries…

Israel Vs Gaza- Who stands correct?

Every day, in addition to the number of Covid-19 patients, we receive new information from Israel, such as the number of rockets launched, the number of buildings destroyed, and the…

Two faces of Same India

When the election fever had secured the boundaries of 5 states, the rest of the Indian states were struggling for minutes of Oxygen. The States were sending SOS for the…

Is Lockdown, the only solution?

While lockdowns have been enforced around the world to break the corona chain, millions of people in India have been forced to go to bed hungry. As the trains ceased…