Two faces of Same India

Two face of India

When the election fever had secured the boundaries of 5 states, the rest of the Indian states were struggling for minutes of Oxygen. The States were sending SOS for the oxygen supply and Bengal was sending election reports. It seems elections were the only priority for the government.
Despotic forces planned to conquer Bengal, but they failed miserably in their goal of providing “Sonar Bharat” (Golden Bharat).
In reality, they have failed to deal with Covid 19.
We saw how, due to the shortage of money, migrant labourers were forced to walk back to their homes last year, and this year is no different.
Thousands of residents started flocking to their villages under the threat of a lockdown, putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy.
Although the government spends billions of rupees on the Central Vista scheme, unorganised employees are stranded on “Ram Bharose.” Think about the plight of the rest of India’s citizens after 25 people died without oxygen in Jaipur Golden Hospital, which is about 40 minutes from the Prime Minister’s home, 7 Lok Kalyan Marg.

Some may contend that Covid was an unforeseeable occurrence.
The first step was, but the second wave of Covid hit us like a hurricane, despite the fact that many organisations had warned us that it would be serious if not treated properly. It was a Man-Made Disaster due to the government’s overconfidence and poor preparation, and it proved to be much more catastrophic than the first wave, killing thousands of people every day.
When images of the cremation of dead bodies in Uttar Pradesh made their way across the Internet, the whole country knelt to pray. Hundreds of marches and worship gatherings were organised every day, putting our life in jeopardy.
It is now a possibility for those who want to see streets littered with human corpses.

My phone rings a lot every day.
People are requesting monetary support or assistance in preparing hospital beds, while the media continues to air the same ad “Ar noy annay” (No More Injustice), but the truth is that Covid has exposed the true face of injustice in just one year.

Migrant worker exodus, vaccine and oxygen export, unplanned lockdown, and citizen abandonment are all examples of injustices against our own people.
Vaccines were shipped to other countries when India needed them.
Central Vista and other non-essential programmes are in the works as well.
India’s healthcare system is inadequate.
This is the real deal. Which is going to hunt PM Modi.
People would naturally wonder what you did in the last 6 years if you challenge what happened in the previous 70 years.
To be more specific, how do you deal with Covid’s second wave?
A planned lockdown should be implemented during this period of national emergency.
Things are deteriorating on a daily basis.
The government is clearly playing with Indians, attempting to blindfold us with a combination of nationalism and religionism.
They are showing us only one face of India, “Ram Rajya”, which appears only in pen and paper, but nothing on the ground, ignoring all national interests. On the other hand, every street is shouting “Ram naam satya hain” and this is the real face of India, buried deep down by the media.

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