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Title: 5000 YEARS BACK : A TIMELESS CONVERSATIONISBN: 9789356733510MRP: 230Page: 149Publisher: Evincepub Publishing About The Author: The author has a few professional qualifications and runs an international corporate advisory business. Having spent more than a decade in the USA, she has further firmed her beliefs in the age-old Indian teachings, Gita shlokas, and other valuable […]

srihari subudhi
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Srihari Subudhi is an enthusiastic champion of both acquiring and sharing knowledge, with considerable expertise in information systems auditing and a distinguished career in cybersecurity. With a solid academic foundation encompassing a Master’s in Computer Applications (MCA) and an MBA specializing in IT & Systems, Srihari stands as a trailblazer in his field. His professional […]

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The Inspiring Journey of Wrongfully Convicted Individuals From Adversity To Advocacy: The Inspiring Journey of Wrongfully Convicted IndividualsAuthor: Dr Poornima Eknath SurveHead of DepartmentDr D.Y. Patil College of Law, Nerul Navi Mumbai 1. Unveiling Injustice: The Experience of Wrongful Conviction 2. Resilience in the Face of Adversity 3. The Power of Advocacy: Champions for Truth […]

Author MK Devidasan
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Wing Commander M K Devidasan’s book, “In Search of Happiness in Marriage,” draws upon his extensive experience in the Indian Air Force, spanning over thirty years, to delve into the complexities of marital relationships. With a keen eye for human behavior and interpersonal dynamics, the author aims to unravel the secrets to a happy and […]

Author Nimish Desai
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[Delhi] – In a groundbreaking release that challenges conventional wisdom, “What Not To Do to Be a Successful Entrepreneur” has stormed the entrepreneurship scene, quickly becoming a must-read for aspiring and seasoned business leaders alike. Authored by Nimish Desai, a respected entrepreneur and business consultant, this compelling book flips the script on traditional success narratives, […]

Author Lekha Varma
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Lekha Varma’s “Garuda: The Dark Secrets of Lord Indra” is a captivating exploration of the mythical realm, bringing to life the enigmatic character of Garuda in a way that transcends traditional narratives. This imaginative journey delves into the lesser-known aspects of Garuda’s life, weaving a rich tapestry of creativity, mythology, and philosophy. The narrative unfolds […]

Author Suvechha Roy
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Author Suvechha Roy’s debut novel, “Heal Your Wounds With My Love” is an emotionally charged and intricately woven tale that transcends the boundaries of love, mental health, and self-discovery. Through a captivating storytelling style, the author explores the incidents taking place in the lives of the primary characters, Natasha and Ranbir who were former schoolmates. […]

Lakshita Bhargava
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Lakshita Bhargava, a literary artisan with a penchant for unraveling the intricacies of human emotion, unveils her latest masterpiece, “Unsaid.” In this compelling narrative, Bhargava guides readers through a labyrinth of untold stories, inviting them to witness the silent symphony of emotions that shape the lives of her characters. Leena, the protagonist, emerges as a […]

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“Mastering The CISA® Exam: The Ultimate Question Bank” by Srihari Subudhi is an exceptional resource for those preparing for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) exam. With 750 practice multiple-choice questions, 300 answer explanations, and three mock tests, this book offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to mastering the challenging CISA exam. The book begins […]

author yatin samant
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Akhila Saroha: I would like to begin by congratulating you on the publication of “Invoke Inner Wisdom- Empower Self.” How has the response to the book been so far? Yatin Samant: This book was released in the last week of December 2023, on all online platforms (has practically no presence in Book stores). I have […]

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