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Symphony To Jazz by Ankit khemka
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This book, “Symphony To Jazz” by Author Ankit Khemka is a business guide and comes under the category of ‘Business & Strategy!’ In this remarkable title, the author explores the powerful analogy of jazz music as a metaphor for teamwork, creativity, and innovation in the business world.

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As a collection of poetry, every volume has the potential to engross the readers in a different world that gives them a momentary break from their routine. “Pilgrimage” by M. Timothée Bordenave is a collection of poems that takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. Bordenave has a unique style of writing that blends spirituality with everyday experiences, resulting in a poetic masterpiece that speaks to the soul. Each poem is a reflection of the author’s personal journey, and the reader is invited to join him on his pilgrimage towards a deeper understanding of life. Bordenave’s poetry is deeply introspective, and the reader can’t help but be drawn into his search for meaning.

Author Shaheen Kazi
6 days ago no Comment

Shaheen Kazi is an Indian Author; being from Mumbai. She settled in Gulf (Saudi Arabia) for more than two decades. After perusing IATA, she focused on her passion for writing. Her achievements include six books, three anthologies, and many forthcoming projects. She is a versatile author. She also writes short articles for The Literature Times. […]

Rise Insight Site Post
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“10X Your Focus to Achieve Career Success in a Competitive World” by Dhritiman Chakraborty is a comprehensive and practical guide for corporate executives who aspire to enhance their focus and achieve long-term success in today’s fiercely competitive professional landscape. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Chakraborty provides readers with actionable strategies, real-world examples, and valuable insights to help them develop a growth mindset, cultivate positive habits, leverage technology, and overcome setbacks.

Beyond The Classroom
2 weeks ago no Comment

Book: Beyond The Classroom – Leadership Traits For Young ProfessionalsAuthor: Hemant JainPublisher: Evincepub Publishing (2023)Total Pages: 208Reviewed By: Neel Preet “Sometimes what we learn inside the four walls are not enough to prepare us for the outer world. The real world not only requires us to be bookish smart but it also demands us to […]

Anshuman Bhagat
2 weeks ago no Comment

Recently “Vadodara Literature Festival” organized by “I.I.M.U.N” was organized at Parul University, Gujarat from 10 to 11 May. Eminent writers and famous personalities from all the states of India were invited in this literature festival. In which Shabana Azmi, Chetan Bhagat, Tahira Kashyap, Lieutenant General Satish Dua, Alok Srivastava along with well-known writer Ansuman Bhagat […]

2 weeks ago no Comment

I was a shy girl who did not talk too much. I can recall that as I entered into my teenage years I started to read more. Writing has really boosted my confidence and helped me with my self esteem because when you feel good inside, it always resurfaces outside.

Shaheen Kazi (2)
3 weeks ago no Comment

Sizzling with She 2 She comes with a subtitle that is also a disclaimer which warns that the book is strictly for those who are legally considered adults or 18+ years old. This word of caution comes with the need of the author to make readers aware of the content of the book that is […]

Suvalagna chandra
3 weeks ago no Comment

Mesmerizing Melodies, written by Suvalagna Chandra, is a book of poetry that is incredibly heartfelt and captivating. This book, comprising of more than 10000 words, is dedicated to the author’s parents who have always supported her in every step of her journey. The poems in Mesmerizing Melodies are beautifully written and carry a deep and […]

Author Jasmine Juneja
3 weeks ago no Comment

Jasmine Juneja started her career as an HR consultant with one of the leading outsourcing companies. Thereafter, she went on to conceptualize a recruitment firm in the heart of Delhi, providing an assortment of services to fortune 1000 companies for over 5 years. After which she took a sabbatical to pursue her hobbies and other […]

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