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Author story: Muthulakshmi Mahesh

ByThe Rise Insight

May 31, 2021
Muthulakshmi MaheshMuthulakshmi Mahesh

Muthulakshmi Mahesh is living in Chennai, India. She is a student of bachelors in business administration. Her brother helped her to publish her poetry and articles on her blog, eventually, she got opportunities to publish her other writings on Times of India and Indian express during her school days. Moreover, she got determined to seek her passion after getting inspired by reading the book- “Think different” written by Steve Jobs and that is how some books precisely transform our lives. In the latter, she loves the classic era and she cherishes listening to melodies over the time she got indulged over reading other books. Apart from that, she loves teaching students and writing content. Especially, the genre of fiction as it enthuses to go in-depth into the imaginary world. In the succeeding days, she found that the books brought her alive more than people.


Hey, I’m Mehana and now I am in a dilemma.

– I generally prefer guys who are smart, humorous, affectionate with a good character.

– My mom is planning to get me married within our caste.

– Adding to the confusion, my batchmate has proposed to me so should I accept his proposal?

– Did I tell you about Raghu?

Well, he is a mechanical engineering graduate from Calcutta.

– We met in the virtual world present in front of us. Can people who have met online be true to each


– Ugh, our feelings escalated to a high level but we got separated. Um, chuck that.

– Will I be able to win back my first love?

– But before I could do that, we parted our own ways.

– What shall I respond to my batchmate?

– Yay! I have passed my JRF exam and got admission to study at Stanford University. Will I get

married or will I pursue my studies?

You are irreplaceable revolves around the life of Mehana. The story moves in flow with her dreams,

the hurdles that she faces and the things that lead to her transformation.

By The Rise Insight

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