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Israel Vs Gaza- Who stands correct?

ByAkarshak Bose

May 18, 2021
Israel Vs GazaIsrael Vs Gaza
  • Every day, in addition to the number of Covid-19 patients, we receive new information from Israel, such as the number of rockets launched, the number of buildings destroyed, and the number of people killed. 
  • The international community should agree that “they are at war” at this moment.
  • Days of intense violence between Palestinians and Israeli police at a religious hilltop compound in East Jerusalem, which is holy for both Muslims and Jews, sparked the fighting between them. 
  • The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas demanded that Israel withdraw police from the Holy Site and the mostly Arab community of Sheikh Jarrah, where Palestinian families face eviction by Jews.
  • The destiny of the region, which has profound religious and national importance for both Israel and Palestine, is at the centre of the decades-long confrontation between the two countries. 
  • Israel effectively conquered East Jerusalem in 1980 and declared the entire city to be its capital, despite the fact that the vast majority of other countries do not recognize this. The eastern half of Jerusalem is claimed by Palestinians as the capital of a future state. This is the reason why both remain in conflict. While Gaza is controlled by Hamas, Israel is a Democratic country with a developed community. To prevent Hamas from obtaining weapons, Israel and Egypt closely monitor Gaza’s boundaries. Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank insist Israeli policies and sanctions are causing them pain. Palestinians are fighting for their identity and religion while Israel says it is protecting itself from terrorist groups. Since 1948, Israel has annexed a large portion of Palestine’s land to defend the Jewish civilization, which was under attack. To defend its identity, Israel waged wars with its neighbours. 
  • Palestine has every right to retake its land, but Hamas’ course of violence isn’t going to help in either case. 
  • When it comes to recognising militant organisations, a global conscience should be used. If it is Israel versus Palestine, then it’s tricky to say who stands correct, as both of them have legit reasons to claim Jerusalem. But when it comes to Israel versus Gaza, then Israel stands right as, in this world, there is no place for terrorism. Israel has every right to protect itself.

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