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I was born under the shadow of Communist rule in Bengal and I grew up hearing horror stories about the atrocities done by communist cadres. And for a politically neutral family, Bengal remains safe. Politics isn’t strange? In Kerala, Congress is the prime opponent of the Left, whereas in Bengal they are fighting together like good comrades. “Kerala mein khusti, Bengal mein Dosti”-This isn’t acceptable in any sense.

Two face of India
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When the election fever had secured the boundaries of 5 states, the rest of the Indian states were struggling for minutes of Oxygen. The States were sending SOS for the oxygen supply and Bengal was sending election reports. It seems elections were the only priority for the government.Despotic forces planned to conquer Bengal, but they […]

Poor planning or over confidence what led the second wave of covid
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When the country is facing the devastating effect of the second wave of Covid 19, the predictions and warnings for a third wave have been voiced by the chief scientific advisor of the Government. But will it have any effect? These questions are rising because, irrespective of having warnings about the second wave, India is facing the deadliest effect of Covid 19. A serious shortage of oxygen is risking thousands of lives every, killing hundreds. Lack of proper healthcare infrastructure and improper vaccine management is making the fight difficult every hour. So what led to having a second wave?

What did the BJP fail to understand in Bengal Election
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PM Modi and his leadership were busy with campaigns. This created an image that elections are their only priority. Whereas, during any crisis like Amphan and major fire accidents, people always find Mamata Banerjee on the road, fighting along with them. She takes everything in her hand whenever Bengal is in danger. This wasn’t a fight to choose local MLAs but the fight was to make Mamata Banerjee CM once again. She acted as a General in this fight to safeguard Bengal’s Pride and to protect Bengal from the invasion of the communal forces. And she succeeded in this. Probably the BJP failed to understand her capability.

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