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Movie Review : A Quiet Place Part II

ByThe Rise Insight

Jun 29, 2021
A Quiet PlaceA Quiet Place

I have seen this film in the cinema, but those who reside in India can download this film on Torrent.

The director John Krasinski has directed very well.

A Quiet Place II is a performance film.

Emily Blunt (Evelyn Abbott) had a significant role. Mulicent Simmons ace (Regan Abbott) played the role of Emily Blunt’s deaf daughter. She was fabulous.  Both the feminine had done a superb job—a complete justice to their character. 

Emily Blunt and Mulicent Simmons are the best aspects of the entire movie. Cillian Murphy (Emmet) played Lee’s friend.   

Noah Jupe (Marcus Abbott) played the role of Emily, Jr., and he also had equitable justice to his position.

TENSION: The movie ‘A Quiet Place 2’ had the same strange sentiments as the previous movie. The film starts and ends in the spirit of uncertainty, struggle and fight to survive until the end. John Krasinski knows to play with anxiety quite well. Without wasting the images and time of the audience, the movie will keep you hooked until the end.

ENGAGING SEQUEL: A Quiet Place 2 is a thrilling sequel to ‘The Quiet Place. ‘ I felt that this film has more attention on human characters. The background sound is rather heavy, and it blends perfectly with the scenes. It has a few jumps scares too. The children had played a very active part. They have a lot on their plate in this movie. In the first ten minutes, it has shown from where the creatures come from, which is an excellent explanation for the new audience who had missed the previous movie ‘A Quiet Place’ to watch.

The audience will see the main characters in a single outfit until the end, making this film even more realistic. And this is the best part of Hollywood movies; they are genius in details. Disordered hair, spooked faces, the wounded body again gives the realistic element.

I can’t wait to see more franchises from A Quiet Place.


‘A Quiet Place 2’ is an excellent movie. It is a new film with a lot of intensity. However, the high point seemed to me that there are chances for more future action. I recommend this movie for spooky lovers.

 Rating: 4.5/5 

By The Rise Insight

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