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Featured Book : Gifts of wines and roses : In search of her way by Aishwarya

ByThe Rise Insight

Jun 12, 2021

Author Aishwarya:

I’m Aishwarya of grade 12 I have written three teen books…. and when I was in grade 10 I use to write lot of articles… my mom was being a great support through all my times and my inspiration towards Nicholas sparks and my teen life experiences made me to complete my first book…. followed by that this is my fourth book which every teenager would love this.

Book Title:

Gifts of wines and roses: In search of her way

About Her Book :

A 17 years teen girl named Ayra having a battle of acne scars and war with feelings and emotions but still she is childish from the heart besides she is in the search of who she is??… what is her identity??… in a trauma to select between the twos…!! Join her journey to find her way…..

By The Rise Insight

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