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Ann Treasa Joseph’s “The Ocean in My Sky”—Book Review

ByThe Rise Insight

Dec 28, 2021

This fantasy fiction title, “The Ocean In My Sky” by Author Ann Treasa Joseph tells the readers a very painful story of a mother’s sacrifice along with a son’s sorrows and the miseries of all those people who had lost their love in some or the other stage of their lives. The Author talks about some beyond the world things in this book, which are just imaginary but bit scary too. This book may amaze you with its extraordinary fictional tales or it may arouse some critical questions about the writing carried out by the author in his book. Moreover, there is not a single shred of doubt that this book is somewhat unique, which is trying to tell the readers a story in a very out of the box manner!

Author’s Background: The Author, Ann Treasa Joseph is a BA English Literature, Communication and Journalism student from Kerala. She is a compassionate writer and has an eye for the details. She is known for her ability to pen down her exquisite nature into her pages with utmost delicacy, while providing a figurative meaning. She has also published in the anthologies Bookmarks, Magic in the Willows, Life is Beautiful, The Table Talks and Echoes from the Plain and have compiled three other anthologies as well.

To know more about the Author, you are always welcome to her Instagram page: @_treapod_. You may connect with the Author via email: readtoims@gmail.com

About the Book: This book, “The Ocean In My Sky” by Author Ann Treasa Joseph is more of a “Tragedy Fictional Book” presenting the book readers with some real painful stories. The book is filled with alluring imagery all over, giving both frightening as well as beautiful impression. The readers are bound to find a magical journey in this book, which is unfolded with verses to add to its aesthetics. Author’s story bestows vivid imageries upon you, which dwell on your thoughts. The pages of this fantasy novel are very wonderfully designed with illustrations using various colour tones to capture the mood of the story!

The book further presents the readers with the agonizing story of a mother’s sacrifice, the son’s sorrow as he awaits for his mother and the misery of those innocent ones who had lost their love. This is also the story of the boundless sky and her precious ornaments – the sun, the moon and the stars.

Book Title: The title of this book, The Ocean In My Sky” is seriously very beautiful and a ‘Catchy’ one too and the Author has been truly wise to go with such a lovely title for her book. Well, the title of the book will not only make you pick this book but also go through the whole book in order to understand the symbolism of this book title. Therefore, it reflects the smartness of the author to come up with such a brilliant book title!

Book Cover: Moreover, if we look towards the Book Cover then undoubtedly one can say that the cover is indeed alluring and creating a very creative impression towards the work of the Author. The book cover is making this Fantasy Fictional Novel look even more interesting and is indeed creating a very mesmerizing effect upon the readers. Moreover, another very interesting fact regarding the cover of this book is that the Author herself has designed this wonderful and unique cover for her book.

Book’s Illustrations: The uniqueness of this book lays in the illustrations, which are present inside the book. Almost each and every single page in this book portrays some illustrations, giving a perfect theme to the stories inside the book. The manner, in which these illustrations are present all over the book, simply reflects the out of the box idea, which the Author had for her book.

Undoubtedly, the illustrations in this book are ‘Praise Worthy’ and something so incredible that the whole book is seen with a creative vision now. Once again it has been the Author, Ann Treasa Joseph herself who had designed all these marvellous illustrations in her book!

Book’s Verdict: Well, a book like ‘The Ocean In My Sky’ may amaze you with its extraordinary fictional tales or it may arouse some critical questions about the writing carried out by the author in her book. Well, whatever may be the opinion of the readers but in any case, this tragedy fictional novel a MUST READ one for sure! In addition, Author Ann Treasa Joseph should be given a chance by the readers for her hard work and creativity, which simply is incredible.

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/935446419X/

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