“US555 – U!The Heart of Billions” By Unique Yash- Book Review

A cherished aspiration or ambition is the key to live one’s life and to change a world to a better phase and bring a worthy existence of the beings. Life without a goal or an aim is just not worth enough to survive in. Bookish knowledge, the daily reasoning, the teachings and preachings are not the ultimatum to survive and change the world. Instead, there must be a dream to fulfil amongst every particular being.

The book “US555” by the author Unique Yash is a debut book containing the stories framed in every aspect of life and the achievements coming in the format of a diary which seems that every particular day, month or week has been jotted down in the diary sheets from the experiences and scenarios encountered every moments and in terms of some changes to the world. The book is specifically in the format of the diary sheets and is very relatable for those who are very much attached to their diary sheets putting their heart out onto the sheets.

The author tells a very vital fact from his life that he was an electrical engineering dropout studentam a Electrical Engineering 2nd year dropout student just because of his dream. He believes in two things after his dad where the first one is the ingredients of dream, and the other is the only religion which exists in the world is the “hard work religion” as put forward by the author. He puts emphasis on the topic by quoting that he is not here to compete but to rule with the zillions of things and billions of dreams.

The author tends to believe, as per put forward by his book, that every rule and decision made by this society is considered to be meaningless! Those rules and decisions are not preferred or considered by the protagonist of the writeup but for every person whose thinking capacity is bound by the chains made by the society and surrounding. It is believed that if a person cannot come forward with his own point of view, judge or rule for something, then that existence in this world has no value and is definitely meaningless. It is very difficult to be in someone’s shoes and act accordingly or have shared thoughts and views. Attribution of a being plays a vital role to have the same amount of attitude and behaviour encountering situations.

One’s own decision-making rules are as important as it is for the wisest,  richest or highest ranked person existing in this society.

Thus, the book revolves around a very important message and motivation to everyone that the most expensive thing to possess within oneself is one’s belief to explore and to change the world with it’s potentiality and calibre.

From the book, it is clear that the protagonist or the author leaves a message through the last context that one day there will be a conspiracy to destroy this world, then one day the writer will destroy this world by getting away from the reach of caste, religion and discrimination.

Therefore this book is the most awaited one for the society to have a vast area of imagination and thoughtfulness and contribute something fruitful to the world.

Reviewed By Soudia Parveen

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