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Author Suvechha Roy

Author Suvechha Roy’s debut novel, “Heal Your Wounds With My Love” is an emotionally charged and intricately woven tale that transcends the boundaries of love, mental health, and self-discovery. Through a captivating storytelling style, the author explores the incidents taking place in the lives of the primary characters, Natasha and Ranbir who were former schoolmates. Well, the story takes some real interesting twists and turns when the paths of these two former schoolmates unexpectedly converge long after losing touch. In addition, the manner in which the author has constructed the plot of her book is truly incredible and the readers are bound to feel the thrill while reading this amazing title!

Author Suvechha Roy was born and raised in Siliguri, West Bengal. She has completed her graduation in mathematics from Presidency University, Kolkata. She has done her B. Ed also. Suvechha has worked in schools as a mathematics teacher and has worked in companies as an SAT maths faculty. She has also worked as a coding and mathematics instructor. Suvechha started writing from a very young age but only for herself. To decrease her negative thinking pattern, she started reading books. From there she had fallen in love with reading fiction novels. Suvechha was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at the age of 21. As she suffered from BPD for almost 5-6 years, she has understood the stigma and pain of mental illness. Today she calls herself a BPD survivor. She writes fiction to create awareness about mental health and the readers can also enjoy the story.

Other than this, she is a very creative person. She enjoys cooking, oil painting, gardening, and dancing Kathak. She loves dogs, cats, or any other animal. Now, Suvechha is staying in Kolkata with her loving husband and two dogs. Personality disorders are the least understood and most stigmatized mental disorders. She wrote this book to tell that people with personality disorders are like normal human beings, they are not monsters. With her debut novel, she wants to break the social stigma around mental illness. This particular title, “Heal Your Wounds With My Love” is published by Astitva Prakashan and has been released during the period of January 2024. The book is available in paperback as well as in e-book format and the readers can find this title on all the top online marketplaces!

In this remarkable title, “Heal Your Wounds With My Love” by AuthorSuvechha Roy the narrative introduces Natasha and Ranbir as school rivals, both grappling with the complexities of their individual love stories that end in heartbreak. Natasha’s journey is marked by the shadows of borderline personality disorder, while Ranbir, a perfectionist on an academic pursuit, discovers a surprising truth about himself that he battles with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. The brilliance of author’s storytelling lies in her ability to seamlessly blend the complexities of mental health with the intricacies of human relationships. The characters come to life with vulnerabilities and the strengths that make them remarkably relatable. Natasha and Ranbir’s encounter in a psychologist’s waiting lounge becomes the catalyst for a narrative that teems with anticipation and emotional depth.

In addition, the portrayal of mental health challenges in the characters adds a layer of authenticity to the story. Natasha’s struggles with borderline personality disorder and Ranbir’s revelation about his own mental health condition are depicted with sensitivity and nuance. The narrative does not shy away from delving into the impact of these conditions on their lives and the lives of those around them. As Natasha and Ranbir confront their shared past and the secrets they have harboured, the narrative unfolds with a delicate balance of suspense and poignancy. The author masterfully navigates the complexities of the human emotions, love, and the redemptive power of understanding and acceptance. Well, through the “21 Reading Worthy Chapters” in this book the author has presented the readers with a brilliant tale!

Now coming to the Readers’ Connect part for this title, “Heal Your Wounds With My Love” I must mention that this book is indeed a mind boggling read. Author Suvechha Roy’s writing is evocative and immersive, painting the vividly rich emotional landscapes that transport readers to the heart of the story. The themes of love and mental health are interwoven seamlessly, creating a narrative that resonates with readers on multiple levels. Further, the portrayal of the characters’ struggles and the healing power of love is both poignant and heart-warming. The story becomes a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative potential of genuine connection.

Another very important aspect of this book is that the storyline is indeed engrossing & interesting and the narration style by the author is so amazingly lucid, that it would totally hook the readers until the very last page of this inspiring novel. Moreover, this is a book, which will make the readers think about the plot for several times, even after completing the title!

Finally, coming to the Book’s Verdict part where I must begin by mentioning that this title, “Heal Your Wounds With My Love” is for sure a MUST READ one. Since, it is a beautifully written and emotionally resonant novel, which captures the intricacies of love, loss, and the healing power of connection. Author Suvechha Roy’s storytelling prowess shines through, making this book a compelling read for those who appreciate a blend of romance, emotional depth, and a nuanced exploration of mental health challenges.

Moreover, the book stands out not only for its engaging plot and well-developed characters but also for its compassionate exploration of mental health issues. The author has constructed a narrative that transcends the boundaries of traditional romance, offering readers a profound and thought-provoking journey through the complexities of the human heart and mind. Undoubtedly, Suvechha Roy is a promising author and she certainly is very creative with her thoughts, which the readers can feel through her spectacular writings. In addition, her honest and hard work makes this book even more Reading Worthy!

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9358385618

Book: Heal Your Wounds With My Love

Author: Suvechha Roy

Publisher: Astitva Prakashan (2024)

Total Pages: 159

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

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