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Book Review : Mystry of happiness: Enigma of hapliness by Misbah Salim Qazi

ByPuspendra Thakur

Sep 10, 2021
Book Review : Mystry of happiness: Enigma of hapliness by Misbah Salim Qazi

Happiness is something that every human being seeks and wants more and more every time. This is the sole motivator and drives their efforts in the direction which would take them to happiness. While materialistic objects bring joy to quite an extent, a significant portion of happiness is attributed to abstract things which require more mental and emotional work instead of physical work. “Mystery of Happiness: Enigma of Happiness” by Misbah Salim Qazi explores the idea of happiness and the factors that influence a person’s happiness. At the same time, the author also explores the steps that a person can take to ensure they are heading towards happiness without making any mistakes.

The cover of Qazi’s book is simple, vibrant, and catches the eyes of the readers in one instant. They are drawn to the book due to its simple illustration and combination of colors that have been used. This clarifies the fact that even though the subject chosen by the author is abstract, yet the approach she would be taking would be concise, practical, focussed, and to the point. Although the subject of “Mystery of Happiness” is abstract and something which may have found mention in books now and then, the author takes a unique approach which is a blend of the pragmatic, experimented ways and also has a touch of emotion while also being based on both individualized experience and social observations.

Qazi divides her short book into two sections wherein she focuses on different subjects related to happiness at an individual level and what one should do in their attempts to be happy. She tries to talk about all the possible subjects that would be resonating in the minds of the readers, which she could record on the basis of her observations. Since “Mystery of Happiness” is based on the author’s observations and experiences, it becomes all the more significant for the readers as it is replete with learning. What is interesting is the clear division of the sections done by the author. It is difficult to define and categorize the things or people who can define a person’s happiness, but the author does this effortlessly due to her insightfulness and understanding.

Through her clear and precise division of the content, the author handles the abstract subject with skill. Emotions are one area where authors have to be very careful while constructing a plot when it comes to fiction. Of course, the same challenge pervades in non-fictional texts too. But the readers do not sense any discomfort or difficulty in understanding this subject when they see it all through Qazi’s words. This also makes her work stand apart from the books that may have been written earlier on the same subject. While in the first section, Qazi explores happiness, its definition, and meaning on an individual level, the later section talks about how one can find happiness in life through different relationships. Whether it is through family or friends or through strangers, the author shares takeaways to be a winner in all relationships. In this manner, the book becomes a guide for the many who struggle with making relationships work or find themselves out of ideas when they have to interact and involve.

“Mystery of Happiness” is a personal and reflective account in words that are easy to understand. Since it is a product of personal experiences and observations, it becomes a product of introspective thoughts. Through her personal experiences, Qazi shows the universality of human emotion and also highlights that everyone may react differently, yet everyone feels things one way or the other. This helps humans connect and understand each other. Everyone wants to be happy but how to be happy remains a mystery for many. The unraveling of that mystery by the author makes the book an essential read for the many who struggle with this question.

“Mystery of Happiness” attempts to unravel the keys to joy in a person’s life. In a time when there is negativity and stress in the lives of many, this book could come as a guide and a happiness-saver. To make it easy for the readers, the author keeps her words less and the message more potent. The young author handles the challenging subject with skill and precision. This would also attract youngsters towards the book since it is through the eyes of a youngster. In a few words, she conveys a lot of thoughts and ideas that the readers can easily understand and apply in their lives. So, all readers, whether old or young, can try reading Misbah Salim Qazi’s keys to happiness which she substantiates in “Mystery of Happiness: Enigma of Happiness,” and infuse those keys in their lives to enrich it with joy, hope, and optimism to make their journey smooth and stress-free.

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