• Fri. May 24th, 2024

Growth (part of being human): Today we are going to focus on our important topic growth.  What is growth if I tell you in simple words growth is a sing of progress or a development. Now let’s focus on the what is self-growth and self-development? 

Successful personal growth is not only about the value to your own life, but value to those who are around you and the society.

In this life we are confronted with n numbers of situations and experiences which test and define who we really are. Some of these experiences are rewarding while some of them are painful. But the one thing that they all in have common is that they contribute to our growth. Let’s understand this process with an example. 

many of us may have watched the waves at sea.  They rise, then fall, then rise again, then fall again… and this cycle continue endlessly. It is the same with our experience of the world and its objects and relationships. We may find happiness, but this happiness will soon turn to sorrow. The sorrow that we feel will subsequently turn back to happiness, but this oscillation continues endlessly. In order to maintain inner balance, we need to find peace within instead of depending on the external world.

it’s ok to outgrow your interest. It’s ok to outgrow certain people. It’s ok to outgrow labels you once identified with. It’s ok to outgrows labels and beliefs and opinions. Its okay to outgrow the things that you once loved and the things that defined you, because growth is part of being human. You’ve come so far. Don’t be ashamed of your progress. 

You won’t believe me but in we are growing a little bit more each and every day. Trust me you are not behind in life. You’re going at your own pace. It’s better to do things the right way with time than to rush things. Don’t stress yourself out too much over a self-conceived timeline, don’t stress cause you, I and we all are growing at our own speed.  And I also hope you grow up knowing there are infinite ways to be who you were meant to be, don’t limit yourself. I hope you love who you become. Today’s reminder: “you don’t just wake up and become the butterfly, growth is a process”.

-Srishty Verma

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