Author feature – Aishwarya Singh

Aishwarya Singh

A student studying in Lucknow, Aishwarya Singh is an ambitious child with many talents. She started writing stories, when she was eleven year old. Aishwarya usually writes horror and romantic stories. ‘Mona Lisa’ is her first book written and published. Her parents have always supported and encouraged her in the fields she is interested in. Even her little sister helped and encouraged her for the work.
Apart from writing, she is good at dance and art. Talking more about Aishwarya, she is an A.R.M.Y(BTS fan). She usually spends her spare time, listening and dancing on K-pop songs or watching Korean drama. Her lifetime wish is to travel in South Korea.

About Her Book : Good Vibes

Emma Witson, an adorable eighteen years old high school girl had lost her mother in a car accident. She was upset and also skipped her school. After a month she rejoins her school, which was the turning point of her life. She met ‘Lewis Morgan’ , a vampire. Emma fells in love with him and at every point of her life she encounter about her reality. ‘Good Vibes’ talks about an old tale, the tale of family, love and power. The story revolves around a mystery, the mystery that never solved. Emma’s family, friends and her love helped her get out of the dark side but who knows what is fated to happen?
She faced many difficulties but Lewis never left her hand. Till the last moment, they were together forever. The love they had was the good vibes they felt.
‘No one knows what will happen next!’

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