Pankaj Lochan’s ‘Sigma: As Life Sums it All…’ A Noteworthy Work Based On Karma Concept

Author Pankaj Lochan

I presume almost all human beings who are aware of the Karma concept, find it applicable in their lives at some point of time or the other, in some way or the other. A lot has already been said in the context and a lot more is yet to come.

This book – ‘Sigma: as life sums it all’ by Pankaj Lochan – is a little different from what has already been written.

‘Balance’ and ‘cause & effect’ are synonymous. Philosophically, SIGMA, to me, signifies nature’s balance – the physical and chemical balances of the human mind and body. And, in another way, SIGMA is the result of a cause & effect relationship – between intent & deeds as the ‘cause’ and what ultimately happens to an individual during his lifetime, as the ‘effect’!

That’s how author Pankaj Lochan describes his understanding of SIGMA. The symbol  Σ (Sigma)  is  a  greek  letter  that is  commonly used  to  represent a  sum of  multiple terms or  items. According to Pankaj, SIGMA  is  the large  sum, as  life  sums  it all! This includes – the intent, the deeds, their effects and everything that revolves around them.

Having studied engineering from IIT-BHU and then management from IIM Ahmedabad, Pankaj has also made his place amongst the contemporary through writing. Apart from being a writer, he is also a music enthusiast as well as a philanthropist. He supports community activities through NGOs. And his support system lies in his wife and daughter who do this in creative ways.

Apart from having authored several books and holding multiple patents as well as copyrights in the field of Manufacturing and Total Quality Management, Pankaj Lochan has many more accolades to his credit. These have been obtained primarily in the areas of manufacturing, HR, R&D, and BusinessTransformation etc. He is a master-black-belt in Six SIGMA and also has been trained on Open Innovations from the Haas School, Berkley; on TQM from Japanese Union of Scientists & Engineers (JUSE), Tokyo.

Undeniably, a persona who has been exposed to such myriad qualifications and experiences would have learnt numerous precious lessons in life and decided to share them with the masses through his publications. Of course, it’s already a treat to be reading a book from the pen of such well-learnt individual and to top that, its sense is motivational. Also put up in a very reader-friendly language, SIGMA comes across as a rather soothing composition in times of chaos, better known as the pandemic. I won’t exaggerate if I say people who are spending time figuring out moot questions and answers must give it a read during these times. They can expect to enhance their journey towards finding themselves by doing so.

Another noteworthy thing about the book is that, the author has organized the chapter-frame nicely with a precise number of chapters and their respective contents.

Catchy titles like ‘The Bali Rhapsody’ are sure to intrigue potential readers who may be just browsing through various options in the category. In a very lucid manner, Pankaj has commenced each chapter with impressive few-liners at the top. These lines promise to keep the readers engaged as they proceed. The rest of the chapter flows naturally following that.

The front and rear book cover have come out as elegant and are all set to interest some sensible readers. Of course, the Author Bio and the Book Brief have been put-up in a promising language too.

Pankaj Lochan has done wonders bringing-out this book as he has talked some previously lesser-known facts about the Karma concept. ‘Intent, deeds and their effects’ as he calls it. SIGMA the book may also be considered as a self-help one and may add some fruitful results – full of positivity – in the lives of its readers. Beautifully justifying all the author’s accomplishments, SIGMA is indeed a get-set-go to add many more icings on the cake.

Last not yet least, team Evincepub Publishing has done a great job in preparing and releasing the final product as well.

Good luck to the author, the book as well as the publishing team.

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