Top 10 Best Korean Drama 2023

Top 10 Best Korean drama 2023

Form the last few years we have seen the Korean dramas and televisions shows. That have created a wave of entertainment that is quite impossible to miss. As we already know one of the most popular Korean show “Squid Game” season 1 (2021) is still holding the title of the most watched show of all time on the Netflix.

So, let me give you a very quick refresher to watch some of the highest rated Korean drama of 2023 so far.

Divorce Attorney Shin

Fist in our list we have “Divorce Attorney Shin” with IMDb rating: 7.6, directed by: Lee Jae-Hoon released on Netflix, 4th March 2023. With cast: Cho Seung-woo, Han Hye-jin, Kim Sung-kyun, Jung Moon-sung.

It’s a drama based on the webcomic called Shinsunghan, Yihon (2019) which was directed by Kang Tae-kyung. It follows the journey of Shin Sung-Han (Cho), a music professor at a German university. However, in South Korea, he is an expert divorce lawyer who deals with eccentric clients for whom he tries to get justice. This drama smartly portrays the why he came to Korea, and what are his motives make this an interesting watch.

Love to hate you

Second in this list we have “Love to hate You” with IMDb rating: 7.9, directed by: Kim Jeong-kwon and Choi Soo-young, have already released on Netflix, 10th February 2023.

With one of the excellent casts: Kim Ok-vin, Yoo Teo, Kim Ji-hun, Go Won-hee.

It’s a drama which primarily deals with issues within the country’s entertainment industry. This drama also talks about when two completely different people grow close together, then what happened to their beliefs.

3. Crash Course in Romance

Next in this list we have “Crash Course in Romance” with IMDb rating: 7.9, directed by: Yoo Jae-Won, released on Netflix, 14th January 2023.

With star cast:  Jeon Do-yeon, Jung Kyung-ho.

It’s a drama romantic drama, starting with a Nam Haeng-Sun (Jeon) is a former national-level athlete who is now a mother and runs a side-dish store. And on the other hand, we have Choi Chi-yeol (Jung) who is consider as the most popular instructor in the education field, who is her complete contrasts character. However, we will see despite of so many differences how they two got together.

4. The Glory, Part 2

Next in this list we have “The Glory, Part 2” with IMDb rating: 8.1, directed by: Ahn Gil Ho, released on Netflix, 10 March 2023.

With one of the most amazing casts: Song Hye-kyo, Lim Ji-yeon, Lee Do-hyun

No doubt, part 1 of this drama “The Glory” had made a solid impact on the viewers. But in part 2 the story will more revolve around a women who got traumatised by bullies in high school sets an elaborate revenge plan in place. On the another hand we can see that this drama also talks about the mental health. But the most talented and amazing star cast of this  drama catches our attention.

5. Pandora : Beneath the Paradise

Next in list we have another amazing drama “Pandra: Beneath the Paradise” with IMDb rating: 8.1. Directed by Choi Hyeong-Hun, released on Disney+ Hotstar, dated 11th March, 2023.

With casts: Lee Ji-ah, Lee Sang-yoon, Jang Hee-jin, Park Ki-woong, Bong Tae-gyu

One of the best dramas for those who loves some magical and frictional movies. In this drama Pandora respects the sign of Greek mythology. And later Hong Tae-ra got trapped in a fate like that of Pandora, she has a perfect husband and a lovely daughter, Tae-ra leads. However, her repressed memories resurface. She sets out to take revenge and protect her family.

6. Call It Love

Next in this list we have another interesting k- drama to watch “Call it Love” with IMDb rating 8.2. Directed by: Lee Kwang-young, released on Disney+ Hotstar, dated 22nd February, 2023.

With casts: Harrison Xu, Kim Young-kwang and Lee Sung-kyoung.

It is a romantic melodrama which talks about a woman. Whose life goes up sides down after finding out about her father’s affair and falling in love with his mistress’s son. One of the best drama with 16 episodes and a quit emotional and interesting plot.

7. Agency

Next drama in list we have “Agency” with IMDb rating 8, directed by Lee Chang-min, released on (JTBC) dated: 7th January, 2023.

With cast: Lee Bo-young, Jo Sung-ha, Son Na-eun, Han Jun-woo, Jeon Hye-jin.

It’s a drama which revolves around an ambitious career woman. Who aims to smash the ceiling and achieve the CEO position at the Agency where she works.

Delivery Man: Next drama in list we have “Delivery Man” with IMDb rating 8. Directed by: Kang Sol and Park Dae-hee, released on Rakuten Viki, dated 1st March 2023.

With casts: Yoon Chan-young, Bang Min-ah, Kim Min-suk.

It’s an anther one of the cutest k drama to watch, the young taxi driver Seo Young Min (Yoon Chan- Young) finds a gosht of a young women Kang Ji-Hyun (Bang Min-ah) in his car. The whole story revolve between a ghost and a human beautiful interaction and how they end up pattering for a business model.

8. Our blooming Youth

Next in list we have “Our blooming Youth” with IMDb rating 8, directed by: Lee Jong-jae. Released on TvN dated: 6th February 2023. With casts: Park Hyung-sik, Jeon So-nee, Pyo Ye-jin, Yoon Jong-seok, Lee Tae-sun.

This K-drama follows with Min Jae-yi (Jeon). A young dignified lady belonging to a wealthy aristocratic family, who is accused of murdering her own family members. Later in the story, she comes across crown prince Lee Hwan (Park) who is suffering from a bizarre curse. As both agree to help each other, and story flows around booth of them.  

9. Oasis

Next in this list we have one of the best k- drama of 2023 so far is “Oasis” with IMDb rating 8.7. Directed by: Han Hee, released on Rakuten Viki, dated: 6th March 2023. Casts: Jang Dong-yoon, Seol In-a, Choo Yeong-woo, Do Sang-woo, Seunghee.

One of the best Korean dramas of 2023 so far, Oasis is set in the 1980s and 1990s when the country was going through political tension. Against this but the show follows between two childhood friends-cum-rivals Lee Du-hak (Jang) and Choi Cheol-woong (Choo). Later, in the story Lee falls for a new transfer student named Oh Jung-shin (Seol) but things become worse when Cheol-woong also develops feelings for the same girl.

You must also check this list for Top 10 Best Korean Actress all Time. I hope the above list of the Korean dramas and shows finds interesting and helpful for K-dramas lovers.

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