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how to make money online while travellinghow to make money online while travelling

Nowadays with the help of high-speed internet and online connected word it is very easy to find online solutions of each topic and subjects.

Do You have dream to travel around the word and in this time if you want to make money this blog is especially for you. In this blog you will read complete guide how to make money online and how to earn money online from travelling. You can explore the world’s best places and, in this time, doing some online works or activity you can earn money online.

So let’s start and find the 20 ways to make money online while travelling.

1. Blogging and vlogging

Blogging is best idea to make money. Everybody can write from anywhere any places and any time. You may create website with any web content management system like WordPress, Wix etc. You may simply create websites using their themes and plugins. Websites should be accruing to your choice and subject where you can write and post daily new topics which is based on your website subjects. Trending website topic can be: Tech and Gadgets blog, Travel info blog, Personal Development blog, Online Learning blog, Fitness and Health blog, Finance and Investment blog, Mental Health and Wellness, Cooking, Pet and animal care, beauty tips blog etc. Also, everyone can create a YouTube channel and make video on these above topics. To promote video, you make create Facebook and Instagram pages where you may upload your short and long videos.

2. Make online travel portal to promote hotels

If you are travelling many places and have idea about that place or you can take idea and information from online sources. Create a website or video you can talk about their best hotels and prices. Also, can give people many ideas to plan their tips and hotel, vehicle. You may also suggest local guide to your blogs visitors and make updated them with phone number of guide and hotels. You may earn good commission from hotels and local guides. So, when tourists plan for any trip, they will search online and visit your website. To earn money from this you may take some commission from hotels and local guide of that places.

3. Make travel packages

As a travel guide or trip planner you can create a travel package where can include hotel booking, guide booking, vehicles etc. Can earn money and commission from both sides from hotels and your website AdSense also. You may promote your travel packages on your websites and Social media videos and posts. Build partnerships with airlines, hotels, and local tour operators to negotiate discounted rates and exclusive deals.

4. Translation work

If you are good in any other languages also. With the help of translation work you can earn lots of money to do online work from anywhere. To generate leads and customers you may post about yourself and paid works details on your social profiles like LinkedIn, Instagram Facebook and your blog and vlog also. You may also contact to book writers, authors, content writers, publishing houses, news agencies, audio listening platforms like Pocket FM, Kuku FM.

5. Editing and proofreading

It is very high paid jobs now days. If you are good in script editing like books, stories or poems or any other subject. You may do this job from anywhere and generate online earning. To get editing and proofreading works you can build a social media profile and create profile on Freelancer, Fiverr, upwork, 99designs, Dribbble, LinkedIN, PoeplePerHour, Toptal etc. Also you can send resumes or contact to news agencies, publishing houses, content writers etc.

6. Graphic design

To become a graphic designer and earn money online with graphic designing, you need to focus on developing your skills in design principles and relevant software like Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, Canva, Gravit Designer, Xara Designer Pro+ etc. You can take 6 month or 1 Year course from any online and offline institute or you may learn also from YouTube. Once you feel confident, create a portfolio of your best works to show your abilities on your website or social media profiles. Start offering your design and services to your friends, family, or local businesses, providing services like logo design, business cards, social media graphics video and posters. Utilize online platforms and freelance websites like: Freelancer, Fiverr, upwork, 99designs, Dribbble, LinkedIN, PoeplePerHour, Toptal etc.

7. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides various administrative, creative, and technical supports services online to individuals person, businesses, or organizations. Instead of working from a physical office, virtual assistants work from their own places like their own home or anywhere using technology like Smartphones and computers. With the help of internet, email, Video calling and other communication tools to complete tasks and assist their clients. They can also perform tasks like scheduling appointments, managing emails or calls, conducting research, managing customer inquiries, managing social media accounts, creating contents for social media and events. The goal of a virtual assistant is to help clients save time and increase productive system by handling tasks that can be delegated.

8. Customer service agent

To earn money online as a customer service agent, you need to be good in communication skills and knowledge about the company you want to work for. You may send your resume to them by emails or get update by call. Once hired, focus on providing excellent customer service by responding quickly and effectively to customer inquiries and resolving any issues. You need to see feedback from customers and continuously improve your skills. You can also consider freelancing as a customer service agent for flexibility. Overall, being friendly, helpful, and professional will help you succeed and earn money in these type of jobs. You may search about : Ajilon, CVS Health, Kelly, Lincoln Financial Group. You can also do the job for any Finance banks or telecom services providers like Jio, Airtel, as a customer service agents.

9. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very easy way to make money online by promoting products or services online of any companies or brands. First, you need to find a company or brand that offers an affiliate program. Then, you sign up to become an affiliate and they provide you with a unique link or code to track your referrals. You can promote the products or services using your affiliate link through your website, social media, or email marketing or WhatsApp and Facebook marketing. When people click on your link and make a purchase, you earn a commission, which is a percentage of the sale. The more people you refer and the more sales you generate, the more money you can earn by affiliate marketing. To join affiliate program you can search about : ClickBank, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Amazon, Rakuten Advertising, Awin, Shopify, eBay, Skimlinks, Awin, CJ Affiliate by Conver etc.

10. Photography sales

If you want to earn money from photography sales, there are few steps to follow. You need focus to improving your photography skills by practicing and learning new techniques and devices. Take captivating and high-quality pictures that people take interest to purchase it. Also you need to build your one website social media pages or profiles for online presence of your pictures. Engage people by sharing behind-the-scenes stories on your social sites and websites. You can offer photography tips. By selling your photos on your website or at local art markets. You can also explore stock photography websites like : Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Canva, Crestock, Depositphotos, Dreamstime, Fotolia, Fotolia, Getty Images, Snapwire, Stocksy, Thinkstock, Image Vortex, Freepik, iStock, PhotosIndia, Picxy, Unsplash, Vecteezy etc. where you can upload and sell your images to buyers. Nowadays online images purchasing site earning very good sales and profit from sales as well as website AdSense. To more sales of your photos you can collaborate with other photographers or professionals in related industries to expand your reach and increase your chances of making more sales.

11. Travel books and eBooks

To earn money with travel writing books or eBooks you can start with reading and learning from successful travel authors. You need to find your own writing style and write catching stories about your travel experiences. Choose best and trending topics or best destinations that connect to your target audience. Publish your book or eBook platforms like Amazon KDP or Smashwords. You can write about places and about their good and bad parts. Promote your work using social media, a blog. You can also collaborations with travel influencers. Interact and interview with your readers and consider other income sources like speaking engagements or offering travel services. Creating engaging content, good marketing and find different opportunities, you can make money from your travel writing books or eBooks.

12. Social media manager

To make money as a social media manager. In very first you need to learn about popular social media platforms and how they work. You need to create interesting content, like posts and videos, that people will like. Show off your skills by building your own social media profile and pages. You may send your resume with your social media links to individuals or businesses to get more orders and expand your business. Offer your services to businesses or individuals in a less price from market who want to improve their online presence and generate more people engagements. Plan effective strategies, manage their accounts, and schedule posts to get more engagements, likes and followers. Finally, think about offering additional services like advertising or working with social media influencers. By showing your expertise, getting results, and staying up-to-date with social media trends, you can earn money as a social media manager.

13. Online consultancy

Earn money online with consultancy, you can identify your subjects of expertise or knowledge that you can offer as a consultant to any businesses or individuals. It could be anything like : Education and Tutoring, Health and Fitness, Career Development, Marketing and Digital Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurship, social media managing guide, finance, investments or personal development. Build your online profile by creating a professional website and social media profiles that show your skills and experience. Share valuable content related to your expertise to attract people. Use online channels like freelance marketplaces or consulting directories to promote your services and connect with interested individuals or businesses. You can offer them personalized consultations, advice, or guidance through video calls, emails, or any online courses. Keep ensure that you provide value and demonstrate your expertise during these sessions. Your pricing structure should be less and less than from market prices that reflects the value of your services and aligns with industry standards. By positioning yourself as an expert, effectively marketing your services online, and deliver good and useful consultancy to clients, you can earn money online in the field.

14. Public Speaking

Public speaking is important for many reasons. It helps individuals effectively communicate their ideas and messages to a larger audience. public speaking builds self-confidence, reducing anxiety and fear associated with public appearances. Public speaker or motivation or subject wise speakers plays a significant role in personal development, professional success, and effective communication in every part of life. To become a public speaker, you have very good knowledge in language and many important subjects on which topic you will perform. To become a knowledgeful you must read book, listening audio, and get idea from them. After that you can decide want people wants to in their life and how we can help to achieve them. You can speak about so many “How To” topic which is regular and important questions of any person. To become a publish speaker start with your social media and YouTube channels. After the build profile and strong heart touching connection with your audience you will become popular. This will help you will get so many invitations from speaking events.

15. Local tour guide

To earn money as a local tour guide, you need to become an expert about that local area. You must to learn its history, landmarks, and interesting facts. Then, let people know about your services by creating a website or using social media profiles. You can give more fun and informative tours that highlight the best parts of your area. Make sure your guests have a great experience by providing excellent customer service. You may also work with local businesses and accommodations to get more customers. Every time you need to Listen feedback and improve your services based on what your guests are saying. To offering enjoyable tours, promoting yourself very well, and taking good care of your customers, you can make more money as a local tour guide.

16. Hostel provider for students

Nowadays it is very complex to searching good hostel during study time for students. To build an online profile you can connect with hostels which are provides room to students during their outside studies. You can connect many hostels and hotels in different cities and redirect to students according to their budget. You will get good commission in this work also. To find orders you may contact to colleges and schools in students’ final year time. You may generate more leads for your business.

17. Online gaming and streaming

Online gaming is an amazing way to earn more money. To make money from online gaming and streaming, Firstly, you can focus on building a strong online presence by consistently streaming your gaming sessions on platforms like YouTube. Connect with your audience, respond to their comments, and develop a good fan base. You can monetization your channel to join affiliate programs, where you can earn commissions by promoting gaming products or merchandises. Also consider setting up donation systems or accepting subscriptions from viewers who want to support your content. You can also collaborate with brands or game developers for sponsored content or partnerships but for that you need to make more subscribers and followers. Participate in gaming tournaments or competitions to earn prize money. You can diversify your income by creating and selling your own merchandise, creating video content for YouTube. Offering coaching or tutorials to other gamers you make earn money online. By delivering entertaining and engaging gaming content, building a dedicated community, and exploring many revenue streams and live, you can make money from online gaming and streaming.

18. Language Teaching

Language teaching is very good online job and high paid job these days. You have to good in language on which language you will teach online. Build and online teaching profile and YouTube channels. In your profile your can sell your online courses also. Firstly, you can teach your students on Zoom, Video call or YouTube. When you provide valuable knowledge in good price you can generate more customers in a very short time. To teach language you need to find which language is high paid and you know that language.

19. Website designing and maintenance

It is very high paid job and very good future and scope in this field. In this internet word and for upcoming future web page and website designing jobs will make very good profit. You can follow these steps to make money online to developing and maintaining any websites. First, learn popular programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to improve your knowledge of website design and development. To display your skills, create example websites or an online portfolio of your previous design work. Next, build a professional website to display your services and develop an online presence. To promote your knowledge and connect with prospective customers, use social media and internet channels. To increase your contacts, engage in connecting with other professionals in the field and join relevant communities. provide a variety of services, including website design, redesign, upgrades, and maintenance plans. Establish fair prices based on the scope and difficulties of the projects.

20. Stock market investing

Stock market is a world’s biggest business we can say. It is best and easy way to make lot of money. You need to understand the business and future growth changes of companies. To understand the company business and profile these days so many stocks screener and websites like: Screener.in, trendlyne.com, NSE India, BSE India, Seeking Alpha, Stock Rover, are available on internet. We can get complete knowledge about that companies their quarter and yearly sales, net profit, debt promoters and shareholding patterns. We need to learn about some ratio about any company to generate more profit from stock market investing.

These are some ratio to find good companies:

Select mid cap or large cap companies to growth. ROCE and ROC should be high. Promoter holding or FIIs DIIs holding should be high. Debt should be less or debt free. Should be generating good sales and net profit quarter and year on year basic. Select futuristic growth sectors like: IT, Tech, AI, Green energy, Power, Auto, Pharma, FMCG, Infra, Metals.

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