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Book Review: The Zen Heart by Aditi Pant

ByThe Rise Insight

Feb 16, 2023
The Zen Heart

Matters of the heart are best known to the heart. However, as it pulsates through the ups and downs of life it ought to align with the ongoings of the body and mind. It is not always easy to find this agreement and this is where The Zen Heart comes in.  From the author of A Turning of Seasons and Zen On The Go, The Zen Heart is a rather contemporary and clean take on the modes and means that best ally the heart and the mind. One highlight of this book is the romanticised take on the relationship between man and nature, where nature becomes solace, support and sanctuary. The author gently persuades readers to reignite their connection with nature to bring harmony into their lives. Although we’ve perhaps read or heard these before, the author’s take and writing style makes them new again.

Sometimes candid and sometimes ambiguous, these stories find a way to move you as they are laced with empathy, simplicity and truth. The author gives us glimpses of her life which mirrors our own and we know that the connection we feel with the author and the stories is real. This is no ordinary self-help book as it gently exposes life to you in its myriad forms without being didactic. It urges you to draw your own conclusions and make of the stories what you will. The author’s eye for detail, philosophical outlook, sense of gratitude and deep connection to the essence of her being and the world at large resonates with us as we move from one story to the other.

Deep and cosmic concepts are explained using a simple writing style that makes it easy for the reader to grasp and imbibe these ideas. Each story is a gem, or lets say a pearl perhaps, as it empowers us by throwing light upon the fact that happiness is not just within our reach but actually a by-product of our thoughts and actions and a life lived well.

The author displays a fantastic ability to be conversational, lucid, reflective, profound and sententious at the same time which makes The Zen Heart a refreshing, enjoyable and informative read.

To Buy This Book: https://www.amazon.in/ZEN-HEART-ADITI-PANT/dp/9356731543

By The Rise Insight

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