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Don’t Build Your School Brand Without Us by Rakesh Gupta, Sumit Handa – A Must Read Book Launched –  Review

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Feb 15, 2023
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Coming from the experts who are knowledgeable, skilled and trusted in their fields, this book is a must read for all stakeholders in educational institutions, particularly those involved in setting up and running a school. The book comes with a simple cover but the title highlights the key aspects of the book in bold and clear font. It is an engaging read about the how and why of the school system from those who know it better than anyone else which serves as reason enough to read this book. As a work of non-fiction, this book brings the anecdotes from real life experiences to the forefront from which managing directors, funding agencies and stakeholders of schools can take a lot of ideas and expert advice. However, the book is not solely didactic but rather persuasive in the manner in which it provides new ideas to instil in the reader a love for the school system, to understand the needs and requirements of setting up a fully functional and successful school in today’s India. This is where the concept of marketing comes into play.

The authors argue that while most people pick up traditional marketing methods such as advertising through newspapers or banners or hoardings, these methods don’t necessarily always bring about the kind of large traffic that is hooked on to the internet these days and is more engrossed in their gadgets. The authors note that while most people who are in the business of running schools know the challenges, they barely understand the strategies to overcome these challenges. They may know the ‘why’ but do not know the ‘how’ and this is what makes things difficult and complicated in the long run. The authors immediately deduce the need and the rationale behind building one’s own brand and this book is an outcome of having worked with founders of several schools like Rajsekhar Yarlagadda and Naga Prasad Tummala of Oakridge International School who are well known and reputed in their own way now. Hence, this book is an outcome of having gained hands on expertise in working with the sales, marketing, operating and management of schools over the course of time that has helped the authors frame a strategy to build a brand for the schools in a methodical and scientific or strategic way that will guarantee success.

In this debut book, there is the model that the authors have successfully implemented in their career as brand creators across various institutions in the education sector. These institutions include a play school, K-12 school, junior college, online school. This model of theirs, as claimed by the authors is highly practical and sustainable as it is based on scientific evidence, transparency and reliable policy making that over the course of time allows both the institution and those associated with it to grow, rise and shine individually and collectively. At over 190 pages, this book is a practical guide and serves as a handbook of sorts full of real life ideas, easy to comprehend views and logical reasoning that makes it a must read for those to whom it is applicable. ‘The book ‘Don’t Build Your School Brand Without Us’ also has additionally presented its branding toolkit that is highly important and easily accessible making this book a one of a kind work of non-fiction in managing and marketing educational sector businesses.

While the anecdotes used in the book help to explain a situation more clearly and create a better understanding of the real life problems at hand, how to face them and how to overcome them, it is the case studies that are detailed, specific to issues and present a variety of circumstances that readers will find useful, informative but also serve as key learning experiences. As they say, everything cannot be experienced by a single individual. One must learn from the lives of those around them and make the most of other’s experiences. These case studies do just that. They add variety to the text, create a new learning experience and give an idea about how others have overcome their challenges by strategically looking at the low points or what seem like failures to turn them into high points and success stories. Hence, branding becomes a science, a strategy, something that has a manner and technique which requires understanding, studying and proper execution.

Team work is another aspect that branding is all about and being a team player may not come easy to all but it is a quality that one needs to inculcate over time. Apart from these, the pro tips on branding create a unique reading experience that looks at the quick highlights of this process and presents a new way of undertaking the concept of branding one’s educational business. The book ‘Don’t Build Your School Brand Without Us’ also presents several infographics and templates that are highly applicable to the branding of the school scenario in particular. The writing style is easy to follow with minimal technical terms, bulleted points, pictorial representations as and when needed and proper explanations that makes this book an educational and engaging read. 

Title: Don’t Build Your School Brand Without Us

Authors: Rakesh Gupta, Sumit Handa

Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

Reviewed By: Tasnima Yasmin

Buy Book: Amazon

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