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Book Feature: Uncage The Mysterious Soul by Najam Us Saher

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Oct 28, 2022
Uncage The Mysterious SoulUncage The Mysterious Soul

Book Title: Uncage The Mysterious Soul
Author: Najam Us Saher
MRP: ₹250.00
Publisher‏: ‎ Power Publication (1 January 2018)
Paperback ‏: ‎ 138 pages

About This Book;

“UNCAGE THE MYSTERIOUS SOUL” is a collection of poems by Najam Us Saher that tells the tale of a lonely girl via poems on loneliness, sadness, loving and losing someone, nature, time, and death. Her poetry combines sentiments of hopelessness with affirmations of optimism about the future, and her sadness centres on losing the most significant person in her life-her mother, who abandoned her when she was very young. Her statements are an accurate picture of the way she lives and of how she has grown into a more resilient young woman.

Uncage The Mysterious Soul was published in 2018 soon after my graduation and I have been writing poetry for nearly a decade. When you read it, you just not only take in the words and feel the emotions, you get to know me, you uncage this mysterious soul. The struggles of my life between those pages are enclosed. I tried to turn my misery into something positive and have written my perception on various things. 

What says author about herself:

I am a girl with glasses who has the vision to see the world differently. I am an author of the book ‘Uncage The Mysterious Soul’ which is a poetry collection of more than a hundred relatable and heart-touching poems. Don’t believe me? Read for yourself to find out:

I am empathetic and I use this ability of mine to write words that connect with my readers.

I am an artist, marketer and architect when it comes to words as I create, paint a picture and showcase my skills by writing. 

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