The Woman Success: Uma Maheswari

There lived a father called Akash, and a daughter called Sudha, in a little village. Akash had been working as a peasant for meager wages. He always says to Sudha that he wished to fly in an airplane since his childhood, but it would never happen to a poor family like us. They both led a hand-to-mouth life. On a rainy day, Akash had been stuck in the agriculture field. After a while, he thought about his daughter and started moving toward his home in the rain. Unfortunately, the electric cord fell and sunken in the field water. Akash was in a hurry as he didn’t gaze at the electric cord, then he got affected by the electricity. After an hour of struggling, he had found by the villagers and hospitalized. The doctor reported that the current shock has paralyzed him temporarily. Sudha had been terrified by this horrific incident and cannot come out of this depression.Their

family has no income after her father’s accident as they need to pay their bills. Sudha was completely blank and didn’t know what to do. Then she came to know about a job offer from her friend Madhan. He appointed her as a home maid. Within a week of work, she noticed that Madhan and his family were squandering a lot of food, so she asked Madhan to allow her to bring the extra food to her home. In this way, she can able to save some money. After some days, Sudha’s teacher came to visit her and asked why she had stopped her education. Then she explained the incident and her strugglings. Her teacher was ready to help her in all the possible ways, so she accepted to provide a fund for her studies and her father’s medical expenses, but Sudha was in confusion to accept help from her. After a few days, she decided to continue her education with the help of her teacher. She went and asked for er first month’s pay from Madhan. He replied that there was no pay for her because

instead of money; she had brought the excess food from his home. Madhan disappointed her. She cannot even argue with him, came out of his house, and found the value and importance of education, so she promised to learn well and to create a wonderful future for herself. Then Sudha visited her teacher’s home and asked for help to continue her education. Her teacher accepted everything. Sudha gain started schooling and got part- time work as a newspaper upplier. Her family situation motivated her to study hard. Finally, after a few years of hurdles, she became a piolet and fulfilled her father’s dream to fly over the world.

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