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Best Email marketing Softwares and tools

ByThe Rise Insight

Jul 29, 2022
Best Email marketing Software and ToolsBest Email marketing Software and Tools

Email marketing is considered one of the most powerful tools in enhancing the marketing dynamic of a company. In a recent report it has been verified that about 99% of everyday users check their emails, whereas around 40% B2B marketers have commented on the importance of email marketing that drives traffic to their own businesses. It has also been proven that at least 73% of today’s millennials prefer to communicate via email rather than using any other platform to discuss advertisements, or make business transactions and deals etc, in the process build trust with their customers, which is also the main reason why email marketing has always been in vogue. Any business thrives on the backbone of trust and here, email marketing stands out as one of the primary and integral tools to boost a business’ long term growth.

To perform great email marketing, one should have access to brilliant email marketing tools that enables our marketers to reach their target audience in order to increase sales, reach out with their products, request funds, advertise and do many other things likewise, also interact personally with people in an efficient manner, as a result, boost growth because of email marketing’s high ROI, but all of it with much less cost. To help you market your business and find the best email marketing tools of 2022, we are therefore set on a mission. Read below to find them out. 


Mailchimp claims that their platform suits beginners very well, for their Free Plan itself includes 2,000 contacts and 10,000 sends every month but their daily limit for the same is 2,000. But, that too is an amazing start. Millions use Mailchimp everyday to send emails and therefore it is undoubtedly one of the best and the most well known of all others. Mailchimp prides itself with their extensive features — composing emails, advertisements, extensive creative tools, audience management features like scheduling campaigns, unsubscribing and click through rates etc. They also reveal best marketing strategies in their platform under “What’s New” on their Web page. Mailchimp is a Best Email marketing Software.

However if you’re planning for the paid version, it can get a little pricey and Mailchimp is also hardly accessible from mobiles.


A lot of new businesses have come up in the last few years and such small         businesses generally cannot afford a lot, so for them, we have great free recommendations. Hubspot is a 100% free CRM platform and they claim that they have “something for everyone” and indeed that is true. For free of cost, you can track, understand and monitor sales, customise several properties that they offer and also use time saving tools to add to your benefit. It is really simple and easy to use and comes with a drag and drop feature. So HubSpot is a Best Email marketing tools.


Mailerlite too has a free plan for 1,000 contacts, apart from their paid plan with premium features, and comes with abundant templates that get you started instantly. It is easy to use and comes with a drag and drop feature as well. They help you automate workflows, integrate with platforms to help you earn money, and easily manage and work with the subscribers. It is also a best platform for email marketing.

Constant Connect

Firstly, Constant Connect is not a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Nevertheless, it is a trusted platform for over 25 years and it helps you create email campaigns, social media advertisements, engage and grow with your audience, and boasts an extensive image collection. Have you any query, their customer help is famous and well functioned with chats, toll free numbers, email support etc.


Drip is probably the most famous under the e-commerce section of marketing, so if you’re into the e-commerce business be sure to check this out. Its advanced technology makes sure that its customers get emails personalised individually, according to their shopping trends. They are sent emails just the moment they sign up, and also have automation workflows, cross platform marketing funnels. They also have integrations and advertisements, apart from the common CRM features. The only downside is that its paid version is considered pricier than the others mentioned in the list. 

These are the best email marketing provider software and tools. We will update about more companies like this same fields very soon.

By The Rise Insight

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