Book Review : Girls Technology System – Based On Fact


Book: Girls Technology System – Based On Fact
ISBN: 9789354467660
Author: Prachi Tiwari (Rituja)
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2022)
Total Pages: 198
Reviewed By: Neel Preet

“We all had talked a lot upon women empowerment. However, what is women empowerment in actual? Well, treating women as equal to men & giving them the equal amount of opportunities at each level, which the men receives is the real meaning of women empowerment!”

About This Book:

This remarkable book, “Girls Technology System – Based On Fact” by the Author Prachi Tiwari has been written with an excellent & direct objective of highlighting the life of the girls in our society. The book has a lot to tell and those things are so relevant that we as the people of the society needs to listen to them – the voice of the girls of our very own society. The book very cleverly tells how in the name of caring, the girls are often restricted in our society. This book will be a great source of learning for all – both men as well as women of our society. The manner in which the Authors has talked about the rights, liberation, education and respect for the women is truly incredible & noteworthy!

Authors’ Background:

Author, Prachi Tiwari (Rituja) addresses herself as an ordinary person just like one of us, the common people of the society rather than calling herself an author. When she wrote the manuscript of ‘Girls Technology System – Based On Fact,’ she did not know that one day it would take the form of a book or was that a book that she was writing. One day she wrote something sitting just like that and on the first day it was just one page then it became four pages, then ten pages and then so on. She does not know when slowly & slowly it became so many pages by just writing those pages that it ultimately got transformed into a book.

Author Prachi Tiwari is a very open-minded girl and she always had the urge to do something different. She wants to see girls like butterflies. There are so many colours in them, that they do not know the colour in sadness, when the butterflies are small, they do not get their wings and they feel a lot of pain. However, when they get their wings, they forgets all their earlier troubles. Because they flies in the open sky with their colourful wings. All she want is from every parent, from every husband, from every brother, and from every person to never gnaw the wings of the girls, as soon as they come out like those of the butterflies. Let the girls fly, this is what the author requests, and do not stop the girls as it is their lives. Everyone deserves to be happy, as life is short.

Book’s Introduction:

The book, “Girls Technology System – Based On Fact” by Author Prachi Tiwari is a Self Help title. This book is not just a manuscript rather it is the thinking and the dream of the author. The book acts as the learning for all girls, to have strength and courage. The one who gives the courage to move forward to those daughters who have lost, or have locked their dreams in some old boxes of their house from their life while they still have a lot to do.  Through this book, there is one thing, which the author mainly wants to tell to the girls, and to the women of the whole society, i.e. whatever happens, never lose your self-esteem and your self-confidence, which our loved ones have not given us. Rather God has given us!

This book is not a story or a poetry title rather this book presents the truth of the women, which the society will probably deny over and over again even though we all know it. This is the reality, which gives a feeling that we cannot deny as this is the fact of our existence. The book raises some fundamental questions like what is the respect of girls in the society! Through this eye-opening book, the Authors has summarised her observations, experiences & knowledge, which she tends to provide to the readers through the various Reading Worthy Chapters in this book.

Readers’ Connect:

The uniqueness of this book, ‘Girls Technology System – Based On Fact’ is that the Author has been indeed successful in laying down the importance of equal rights and the education in women’s life. The book explains the readers that how education is an essential tool to empower the women in order to gain confidence and achieve economic stability & success!

Moreover, the readers would love to read about a subject matter like this, where the focus has been made upon the role as well as contribution of the women in the society. Through this book, the Author tends to give a message that to accomplish liberation, women have to be educated and take cognizance of their human rights, constitutional rights and privileges in a modern society.

Book’s Verdict:

Well, a book like ‘Girls Technology System – Based On Fact’ can be the most perfect fit for those readers, who are interested in reading something new and knowledgeable, other than the regular fictional titles. This book is enough to enhance the knowledge of the readers regarding the various steps we need to take as a society in order to see the growth and progress of the women in our society. More importantly, this is an age where a lot of talk has been done over the equal role of the women in every field and sector, this book makes a lot more sense. Therefore, this book must be taken up for a read in order to understand the plights of the Indian Women in a much better manner. Now, this fact makes this title a MUST READ one!

In addition, Author Prachi Tiwari tends to be very honest with her work, which very clearly reflects in her writings, so she must be given a chance for her honest and sincere work.

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