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Top 10 Best Mutual Funds to Invest in 2022

ByThe Rise Insight

Nov 7, 2022

Friends! I’m back with another essay on finances and investments. In this one, we’ll talk about the top 10 mutual funds to invest in for 2022. We all know that a mutual fund is a collection of capital that is managed by a qualified fund manager, but you should still seek advice from a professional before investing in any mutual fund because it is subject to market risk. High risk mutual funds include small cap stocks because they have excellent potential and the capacity to generate high returns. I’ll recommend a few mutual funds for you to invest in through this post, but since mutual funds have a high level of risk, you should contact a professional and conduct your own research.

Here is the list of the top 10 mutual funds to invest:

1. Axis Bluechip Fund

First in this list we have Axis Bluechip Fund. It is a large Cap Equity Fund and has delivered 12.4% as annual return. This fund was previously known as Axis Equity Gr. And managed by Axis Asset Management Company Limited. It was launched in 5th January 2015, in the category of very high-risk fund. But data has proven over the last few years, Axis Bluechip Fund has been the third best performing and delivered a CAGR of over 15% which makes investors to invest in Axis Bluechip Fund.  

2. Axis Small Cap Fund

Next in our list we have Axis Small Cap Direct Growth is nothing but a small cap mutual fund scheme from Axis Mutual Fund. It was founded in 11th November 2015, with Benchmark NIFTY Smallcap 250TRI. It has an expense ratio around 0.52% which is less than most of the other Small Cap funds charge. According to studies it is proven that the fund could potentially beat inflation in the long term. Axis Small Cap has Rs. 10761 Cr. worth of assets under management (AMU). Again, it is good fund to invest in.

3. Axis Midcap Fund

Third we have Axis Midcap Fund. It was founded in 18th February 2011; it is a direct plan and currently holds assets under management worth Rs. 19461 Cr. with expense ratio around 0.54% which is again quit less. It also one of the best options by Axis Midcap Fund.

4. Kotak Emerging Equity Fund

Kotak Emerging Equity Fund comes next. It is a mid-cap fund that consistently outperforms returns during all market phases and has given investors better risk-adjusted returns. It belongs to the category of very high-risk funds. For individuals intending to invest money for at least three to four years and seeking a larger return, this fund is excellent.

5. Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund

Fifth in this list we have Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity with expense ratio around 0.58%. it is an aggressive hybrid fund with 73.43% investment in domestic equity. Mirae Asset financial group is one of the key players in the Asian Financial market located in Seoul, South Korea. Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity is also one the best option for investors to invest in 2022.

6. Mirae Asset large Cap Fund

Next we have Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund. It is an open-ended equity primarily invests in large cap stocks. It is one of the best funds for those investors who are looking for stability in their equity mutual funds.  Mirae Asset large Cap fund was founded in 4th April 2008.it is also one of the best options for those investors who are looking to invest money for at least 4- 5 years and high returns.

7. Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund

The next fund on this list is Parag Parikh Flexi cap, which was established on May 28, 2013, and is classified as a very high-risk fund. Its assets under management total $26,033 Cr., and Parag Parikh flexi Cap fund routinely ranks 4 out of 33 on the ET Money raking table, which is excellent for any cap fund. And it amply demonstrates that the Parag Parikh fund is one that may add value to investors’ portfolios.

8. SBI Small Cap Fund

Our next fund in this list is the SBI Small cap fund. It is the which has 85.79% investment in domestic equity. According to fincash rating it is said that SBI Small Cap is rated as the 5 star which a great news for the investors who is playing to buy a SBI Small cap fund and the current Net asset value of the fund is Rs. 128.62 for growth option of its direct plan from 4th November 2022.

9. SBI Equity Hybrid Fund

Our second last in this list we have SBI Equity Hybrid Fund, which has Rs. 55,325 Cr. worth of assets under management. And it comes under medium sized funds. But here the most important point to notice about this fund is the expense ratio, it has 1.52% of the expense ratio which is quite higher than the most of other funds. Moreover, it is a great fund option to invest in but Investors should know that risk in hybrid funds are primarily depends upon the proportion of equity you have in your portfolio.

10. UTI Flexi Cap Fund

Last in this we have UTI Flexi Cap Fund. The current data has shown that the fund has 96.49% investment in domestic equities. It also has Rs. 25,787 Cr. worth of assets under management, with 0.92% of expense ratio which is quite normal for investors. And it comes in the 11th rank out of 33 in the ET Monkey raking table. It was launched in 01st August, 2005 in the market under UTI mutual fund house. It is also a great option for all the investors to invest in 2022.


Well according to me and recent studies these are few top Mutual Funds in 2022 to invest in. but before investing in any fund you should do your own research as well and must take some professional advice from fund managers and experts.

By The Rise Insight

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