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Life In A Ziplock BagLife In A Ziplock Bag

Book Review : Life In A Ziplock Bag
Author: Vijay Vidhu S
ISBN: ‎ 9789356730175
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (23 September 2022)

Book Review:

Every adolescent goes through a stage where they are influenced by what other individuals their age are doing that they find intriguing. Decisions and actions are not fully understood during this stage.

“Life in a Ziplock bag” by Vijay Vidhu S depicts similar situations where the protagonist, Anu is no different from the rest of the teenagers.

Through her story, the author depicts the story of the many like her, where they equally grapple with issues that are common among teenagers.

As the story progresses, the readers understand that Anu indulges in drugs and has a boyfriend. But that is not the end of it.

The book features characters who are products of similar circumstances, which may be seemingly different, and yet, they, too, face the same situations as the rest. The book, divided into twenty-two chapters and written by Vijay Vidhu S, has an interesting title.

Another character, Rita Skaria also finds feature and mention who gives a speech on drugs and substance abuse in front of the audience. The speech is moving enough for both Anu and the readers, and while they are emotionally tied up, they also understand the practical validity of the speech.

Anu, who was sitting in the third row in the hall, was feeling bored in this lecture. She looked around towards her two friends sitting in the hall. After some time, she started checking her mobile phone. Some random girl sitting next to her instructed Anu not to use the phone as teachers can see her using the phone.

Anu always felt unpleasant in the mornings after indulging in weed and cigarettes at night. She started worrying about her relationship and wondered whether her boyfriend was still interested in her. She was feeling lonely. Just like a normal girl, Anu also is lost in her life, and she is searching for something which would satisfy her soul. You would have to read the story to know what happened next in the life of Anu. The stories of all the other characters are also interesting to read. The author has portrayed all the characters other than Anu in a unique manner as well in the book.

When a reader first reads the title, “Life in a ziplock bag,” it would have an unusual effect. Some would use it as inspiration to live their best lives, while others would use it to learn more about a fictional figure whose life was depicted in the book.

The title first indicates a different meaning, but as readers continue, the meaning develops, is made clearer, and is more convincing by the time readers have finished the book.

Although the story’s protagonists are portrayed as approachable, their power comes through in every circumstance. The author has never veered off course while describing the traits of a certain character in the novel, regardless of the scenario. This helps readers relate to the characters more readily.

The author maintains a serious demeanour throughout her discussion on this important topic for today’s society. However, the same tone also contributes to the story’s power and readability. The emotional struggle that the protagonist is going through would be understood by those who are older than 16 years old. This is partly due to the fact that many people can relate to the situations and events stated on a personal level because they have either experienced them firsthand or are currently experiencing them. The book’s opening, which emphasises the importance of avoiding drugs throughout life, will have a very beneficial effect on young readers.

The depth of the message is evident through the repercussions mentioned in the book by the author for the life of the protagonist.

The author has done commendable work by showcasing that behaving wrong or doing wrong things in life would only affect the individual and no one else. The different personalities of various characters have been portrayed wonderfully in the book. Akash, who has a close relationship with Anu, also indulges in drugs.

Overall, the book is for a mature audience who can understand and enjoy the intricacies that have been developed around the protagonist of the story.

As the author has written the story in lucid language in the book, the book can be understood easily by anyone. The author has portrayed all the scenes with good writing style and imagination in the book.

If someone likes to read fictional stories revolving around teenage love stories, then they shall read this. Moreover, the book also delivers a message which is powerful and significant for today’s youth, who commonly indulges in intoxication for denial or to forget things.

About The Author Vijay Vidhu S

Vijay Vidhu S is a 28 years old writer from Kerala, who has dedicated her life to writing, art, and self-development. She studied in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, from where she acquired the inspiration to write this book.

She wrote Life in a Ziplock Bag based on her childhood experience moving from a rural to other foreign cities. It is centred on the lessons she discovered along the road and is entangled in the chaotic yet fascinating worlds she lived in for a decade.

With a passion for psychology, culture, and nature, she delves into these themes in her works. It has been her life’s dream to become an author and impact others with the power of words. She is setting out on that big dream with her first book.

You can find her writings and other works in her website: Illoomes

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