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Featuring Book : The Postwoman and Other Stories by Priyadarshini

ByThe Rise Insight

Jul 1, 2021
The Postwoman and Other StoriesThe Postwoman and Other Stories

Genre: Children’s Literature
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 9781639401666

The Postwoman and Other Stories is a collection of eight delightful and happy tales. Each story has a unique theme that will bring wonder and joy into the hearts of Children. The author has deliberately used terms like the Post Woman and Crafts Woman to make young girls more open to these professions. The writer firmly believes that Children’s books should stand for gender equality, while simultaneously kindling joy and tranquility. Although this is primarily intended for Children, it will also be a great read for adults, who will look at societal conventions from a whole new perspective. The book is also centered on female protagonists, and they are depicted as strong, bold, assertive, and independent.

This Book will transport you to a world brimming with happiness and wonder.
Will the Post Woman finally be able to deliver the letter to the little girl? and the children ever find the Soan-Papdi man and coax him back to the sweet stall?
Will the friends be able to bring back the joy and spirit of Christmas?
Flip the pages to find out more!

By The Rise Insight

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