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Bedtime Stories – A Book By A Kid for Kids

This juvenile fictional picture storybook, “Bedtime Stories – A Book By A Kid for Kids” by Author Vedant Parashar ‘Vedu’ is actually meant for kids. The book presents the young readers with a very beautiful narration of short stories as well as poems! The book may also amaze you with its extraordinary and marvellous illustrations along with a lovely fictional tale for the children. Moreover, without even a single shred of doubt, it may be concluded that this title is a perfect fit for the children!

Featuring Book : The Postwoman and Other Stories by Priyadarshini

The Postwoman and Other Stories is a collection of eight delightful and happy tales. Each story has a unique theme that will bring wonder and joy into the hearts of Children. The author has deliberately used terms like the Post Woman and Crafts Woman to make young girls more open to these professions.

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