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“Business Business: Untold Failure Story” by Avinash T V

ByAkhila Saroha

Jul 1, 2021
Business BusinessBusiness Business

Experiences that the characters attain in their lives with changing times and situations.

Publisher ‏: ‎Evincepub Publishing
ISBN-10 ‏: ‎9354462332
ISBN-13 : ‎978-9354462337


Experience in life shapes not only individuals but their lives altogether. These experiences sometimes help the people who attain them and also become helpful for the ones who hear them. “Business Business: Untold Failure Story” by Avinash T V is a product of such a set of experiences. The characters attain in their lives with changing times and situations. The readers get to read the story of the lives of 4 characters mainly through the eyes of the narrator. This framework makes the story relatable for all kinds of readers. And makes reading the book more of a personal experience than just a basic plot construction.

Brings the story from

In a world where the start-up culture is on the rise, where there is an encouragement to the idea of becoming an employer. And give employment or, in short, becoming one’s boss, “Business Business” brings the story from the other side where the youth really tries to make a difference in their lives by doing something beyond the mainstream. What makes the work impressive is the realistic manner in which the author shows situations. And problems through the eyes of the characters and leaves it to the readers’ prudence to understand and comprehend and read between the lines on their own without any author intervention.  Although the author doesn’t keep any exact divisions in the plot as he shows the different phases of the lives of the characters, yet on a broad level, there can be some demarcations in the plotline.

The story shows the unpredictable and impulsive nature of the youngsters initially. In contrast, in the latter part, they are shown to be taking careful steps to have a taste of success. While in the concluding part of the book, they are purely the products of their circumstances where they clearly seem to have become older and wiser. More or less, these are the phases according to which humans learn. In this case, the characters are literally out in the open without any guidance or helping hand to save them from the unanticipated situations life would throw at them.

At the same time, the author addresses many issues which do not escape the eyes of the readers otherwise too. These include the ways of the world, which include selfishness, cruelty, exploitation of ignorance and innocence, show-off becoming more important than reality, the callous nature of human beings, and also their taking pleasure in the failure of others and most importantly, if anyone wants to make a difference, there is a hungry world out there ready to pounce on the innocent sheep and tear them apart (not literally always).

At the same time, through the narrative of fiction, the author exposes the scam culture that persists, thrives, and grows behind the curtain without any boundaries or limits to which it would stretch to swallow the dreams of a person and kill the hopes of a person.

In the current scenario, many youngsters would be planning to become their own bosses. “Business Business” is a book that they should read not only to understand the ways of the world. But also to get an idea of changing their approach when they deal with it. At the same time, the morals the author writes at the end of almost every chapter help the readers get clarity of the facts, which they may miss out on.

On the other hand, this book would also be relatable for the many who would have been there or gone through the same circumstances which the characters faced. They may feel the anguish of the characters in response to the atrocities committed on them. Yet they may feel inspired seeing the perseverance and resilience that the characters display throughout. The solidarity they demonstrate in the face of danger is also something that the readers would like about them. This highlights the central theme of strength of friendship and staying together in thick and thin. The character of Navin’s grandmother, Ajji is very insightful and wise. The saying “Old is Gold” is more than applicable to her. Instead, through her wisdom, she not only wins the hearts of the readers but also in her brief appearance; she gives crucial life lessons and also overshadows the stereotypes created around Sadvi women.

To All Readers

The author fuses the work with the vibrance of the lives of youngsters. The passion they have to take over the world. The zeal they have to take on whatever comes their way. Thereafter, the necessary seriousness with age slips into the book as the readers turn the pages. And by the time they reach the ending pages, they feel the characters have completed the circle of life and found their calling in the true sense. Therefore, recommending Avinash T V’s “Business Business” to all readers would not be wrong in any way.

By Akhila Saroha

Akhila Saroha, qualified to be a teacher in English inherited the love of reading from her father and grandfather. Being from literature and educated from the most prestigious institutions of India, her flair of writing developed in experienced hands and she emerged with her multi talents in no time. Her love for literature is defined by the fact that in her free time, she takes a plunge into the world classics to enrich her knowledge and improve her skills. Apart from that, she reads newspapers regularly to stay connected with worldly issues.

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