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Some Great Writers Nobody Reads – Under-rated writers

BySwapna Peri

Mar 9, 2021

It is not always that a writer becomes the best selling one. One time writers became famous instantly; likewise, some writers have not gained the required recognition despite many great works. It is a surprising fact that there are also writers who have faded as days passed. But, their works will remain etched in the history World’s Literature. Below is the list of such six writers who may not have gained great fame, but they have definitely contributed very rich.

Marcel Schwob1867-1905The Book Of MonelleA writer who died too young
Mary Butts1890-1937The Complete StoriesA writer whose penchant for scandal occludes her literary merit
Marguerite Young1908-1995Miss Macintosh, My DarlingA writer who takes so long to finish a novel that everyone forgets about her
João Guimarães Rosa1908-1967Grande Sertão: Veredas – translated as The Devil to Pay in the BacklandsA writer whose work is nearly impossible to translate
Julien Gracq1910-2007Chateau D’ArgolA writer who prefers obscurity
Jane Bowles1917-1973Two Serious Ladies A perpetually rediscovered and lost writer
Swapna Peri
Swapna Peri

By Swapna Peri

A passionate book reviewer, writer, narrator, translator and a copy editor, Swapna has a B. Tech in Computer Science and is a former SAP Technical Consultant. She is the writer, narrator, editor and translator for three books published with Literoma Publishing, Kolkata. She created and manages the “Book Reviews Café” official blog and Facebook page that contains all the book reviews. Swapna is also a content writer and reviewer with Storizen Magazine and CriticSpace Journals website. She is a columnist with one of the leading women's websites in Telugu named 'Vihanga'. Recently, she has joined ' The Literature Times' team to share her views and articles about general topics, movies and books.

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