Mint Your Money: Book Review

After debuting with his book “Investonomy: The Stock Market Guide That Makes You Rich,” Pranjal Kamra comes back with another book following the same genre in “Mint Your Money: An Easy Manual to Unlocking Your Wealth-Creating Potential.” As the title clearly suggests, the book is about how you can become wise in monetary terms by learning the mechanics of the money market through the experience of Kamra, who has done extensive research in the field. Dividing the book into 6 modules, the author explains the concepts involved in the area of money making, which would be a groundbreaker for those who want to start their journey in learning the art of making money through sources that would otherwise not be considered primary. “Mint Your Money” would be a rescue guide in a time when people are facing a lot of financial troubles due to the pandemic effects. People already following the popular YouTuber would find a plethora of Kamra’s learning in the book, which would help as a guide not just to the present generation but also to the coming generations of the future. Due to the nature of its content, “Mint Your Money” cannot be restricted to any particular set of readers and it is recommended to all who want to secure themselves financially.

Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha, The Literature Times

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