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Architect-turned-Author, Neha Sharma, has a flair for writing since childhood. She had written her first piece of poetry in an early primary class at school. Thereafter, her write-ups have got more and more recognition till date. Her writing skills have only enhanced over time. She's here to write interesting content in various genres of her choice. Her writing style is simple and easily understandable by even the beginners. Although not very religious by the general definition, she feels a strong connection with God and believes that He watches over her in all walks of life. She has always aspired to stand-out amidst the common and hence avoids following a herd-instinct as much as possible. Also a Featured Author at Momspresso, the popular motherhood and parenting app, Neha had got her debutante novella published about a couple of years ago. The novella 'Plus Minus' is about a group of friends, their respective families and depicts various phases of human life through their individual experiences. Through this story and its characters, she has attempted to convey the message that it is possible to succeed in life even without losing integrity, which seems tough these days. She intends to make this world a better place with her writings.
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A Thursday
2 years ago no Comment

The best time to write a movie review is soon after getting done with watching it. Especially so, if it leaves you spellbound! Let me introduce you to one such freshly-released Bollywood flick – A Thursday. It’s a coincidence that last year these days I wrote a review of another power-packed movie called ‘The Last […]

3 years ago no Comment

Pankaj is a writer, music enthusiast and a philanthroper who is very passionate about climate change initiatives at fundamental level. He grew up with parents who always taught him the larger meaning of life and ensured he was observant to the extraordinary in seemingly ordinary things and people in life. Pankaj feels that his wife […]

Author Pankaj Lochan
3 years ago no Comment

This book – ‘Sigma: as life sums it all’ by Pankaj Lochan, published by Evincepub Publishing – is a little different from what has already been written.

3 years ago no Comment

On a more serious note, Corona the pandemic has returned with a louder bang. The situation is worsening day-by-day. So much so that we have to ponder at least twice or thrice before uttering the phrase ‘be positive’ to anyone.

Be Negative
3 years ago no Comment

Remember the times when each time we came to know of someone’s blood group as B+, we chirped and cheerfully said, “Be positive, nice!” Sigh, those times are gone. Hardly anyone knows for how long.  On a more serious note, Corona the pandemic has returned with a louder bang. The situation is worsening day-by-day. So […]

The Literature Times
3 years ago no Comment

Dr. Sachchidanand Padhy, author of the book ‘The Bhagvadgita – A Lucid Presentation’ has done a splendid job bringing out this easily comprehensible version of the divine ancient scripture.

The Literature Times
3 years ago no Comment

The author Johly Beicchualai has done a wonderful job with writing this book. Having been written in a simple language which is meant to convey strong and useful optimistic messages to all its readers, including beginners, ‘Designed and Destined for Greatness’ published by Evincepub Publishing has come out to be a masterpiece. This book has […]

The Literature Times
3 years ago no Comment

Womanhood is usually synonymous to sacrifices. Sometimes she has to sacrifice her wishes, sometimes identity while sometimes she has to go through a complete makeover to make it big in life which means losing herself, of course. A few sacrifices bring her some gain, making it worth taking all the pain but one is not […]

The Literature Times
3 years ago no Comment

I know it is cliché to say he smiled with his eyes; but, he smiled with his eyes. Unfortunately, the rest of him was saying, “I have had enough. I just can’t take it anymore.” He was confessing his misdeeds and their consequences to Ayan, his best friend in a restaurant. Srijan was now exhausted of all the games […]

The LIterature Times
3 years ago 78 Comments

It’s February – the month of romance as people call it. They believe love to be in the air all through this month. Most of our society’s privileged category is going mushy while sitting in the comfort of his/her office/home and maybe still complaining. But it’s noteworthy that a not-so-blessed section in here is also […]

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