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Be Negative

ByNeha Sharma

Apr 16, 2021

Remember the times when each time we came to know of someone’s blood group as B+, we chirped and cheerfully said, “Be positive, nice!” Sigh, those times are gone. Hardly anyone knows for how long. 

On a more serious note, Corona the pandemic has returned with a louder bang. The situation is worsening day-by-day. So much so that we have to ponder at least twice or thrice before uttering the phrase ‘be positive’ to anyone. The fear is prevailing in thousands of spoken and unspoken forms. Everyone is coming to know of more and more own people falling prey to the disease. From farther relatives to close loved ones, any set of individuals and families could be heard as getting added to the list. God forbid, no-one knows when s/he gets attacked by the lethal virus. 

Negative is the new Positive

Corona has become the most-discussed topic globally. Probably this is the first time in our era that universally we are panicking with the word ‘positive’ and either silently or expressively all the time wishing to stay ‘negative.’ If we get through medical tests for Corona that is. For the first time in our lives ever, we are getting frightened of even simple symptoms like throat infection, which we used to sometimes even overlook earlier; and it got recovered all on its own. Back in olden times, ‘conjunctivitis’ was only ‘conjunctivitis’ and not a symptom of the pandemic taking over. Of course, we have been missing our normal lifestyles we used to follow prior to the epidemic. We don’t easily dare to say it out loud or admit the fact but actually, ‘Negative has almost become the new Positive.’ Before disagreeing to my words right away, take a pause and ask yourself whether now you find solace in the word ‘Negative’ and feel goosebumps listening ‘Positive’ or not. Is it not true that we are all in fingers-crossed mode and wishing with every passing moment to stay negative. So why not rather wish the same for everyone who hasn’t yet got affected by the deadly virus while also praying for wellness of everyone who has (gone affected). 

Sometimes it’s all in the way we say

Instead of saying ‘be positive’ to anyone aroud us, let’s say, ‘stay negative to the pandemic tests but keep your spirits positive.’ It’s a different thing that the people who qualify to be vaccinated are getting that done or not. Alongwith exploring all the medical support and preventive measures possible, we all must mutually keep wishing well too. When nothing else works, kind words often do. Many a times, they act as a much-needed emotional support. More often than not, miracles happen with words and gestures. Amidst all this, I emphasize, let’s remember to remember taking all the precautions sincerely. Let’s continue doing our part to fight the circumstances with zeal and good sense. I wish we all ‘be negative’ to the disease with positive spirits. 

May peace prevail. 🕊️

By Neha Sharma

Architect-turned-Author, Neha Sharma, has a flair for writing since childhood. She had written her first piece of poetry in an early primary class at school. Thereafter, her write-ups have got more and more recognition till date. Her writing skills have only enhanced over time. She's here to write interesting content in various genres of her choice. Her writing style is simple and easily understandable by even the beginners. Although not very religious by the general definition, she feels a strong connection with God and believes that He watches over her in all walks of life. She has always aspired to stand-out amidst the common and hence avoids following a herd-instinct as much as possible. Also a Featured Author at Momspresso, the popular motherhood and parenting app, Neha had got her debutante novella published about a couple of years ago. The novella 'Plus Minus' is about a group of friends, their respective families and depicts various phases of human life through their individual experiences. Through this story and its characters, she has attempted to convey the message that it is possible to succeed in life even without losing integrity, which seems tough these days. She intends to make this world a better place with her writings.

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