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“A Thursday” – Movie Review

ByNeha Sharma

Feb 18, 2022
A ThursdayA Thursday

The best time to write a movie review is soon after getting done with watching it. Especially so, if it leaves you spellbound! Let me introduce you to one such freshly-released Bollywood flick – A Thursday. It’s a coincidence that last year these days I wrote a review of another power-packed movie called ‘The Last Color.’ To which I am receiving a whopping response even today. A set of coincidences are associated with me watching ‘A Thursday’ on a Thursday itself, but that’s a different thing. So, here I go with my opinion of the movie –

First of all, kudos to Yami Gautam for being so awesome throughout the show. Quite frequently, she had to switch between the mode of a loving teacher and someone who was holding hostage 16 innocent kids. At places, her dialogue delivery is beyond brilliant. Although it appeared that she had to work hard to achieve those furious expressions, given her stunning real-life appearance, she has done an excellent job of bringing them out.

I recall the time I once met her face-to-face at a mall in New Delhi, during the shoot of her first Bollywood break. She looked like a princess in real life too. And then you see her in this kind of role, managing it with grace.

Now let’s talk about the movie. As it begins, you will wonder why they have taken the head cop as a lady. The one to hold hostage is a female herself. Until you find out that the PM of the country has been taken as a woman too. And you conclude that the movie is now going to revolve around women-empowerment. And yes, after watching the movie, you will be too speechless to declare it feminist or something.

The way Naina Jaiswal (played by Yami Gautam) walks around inside the accomodation after putting forward her first demand, will every female-viewer of all the ill-judgements she had to bear so far in her life. In that particular scene, she looks like a fierce and furious wounded lioness – silent in appearance but her roar echoing in the ears of every Indian citizen at that moment. Naina’s conversation with Shalini on a prime time show will remind you of anyone who took advantage of you when you were going through a crisis. Moreover, the movie gives out the message that not everyone taking therapy or counselling to achieve better mental health is crazy. But all these points are just icing on the cake because the main message conveyed tops them all. To avoid spoilers, I’ll leave it unspoken right here.

Such a grand movie with rather simple dialogues, yet so impactful. My favourite dialogue is the one delivered by the PM in the movie, which goes like this: “Emotions can be an asset.” The way she tackles the whole case based on emotions is mind-blowing.

It’s hard to think of a point where this movie could have done better. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you do so. If you have watched it, I would like to know your opinion about the movie.

I hope you had a wonderful Thursday! 🙂

By Neha Sharma

Architect-turned-Author, Neha Sharma, has a flair for writing since childhood. She had written her first piece of poetry in an early primary class at school. Thereafter, her write-ups have got more and more recognition till date. Her writing skills have only enhanced over time. She's here to write interesting content in various genres of her choice. Her writing style is simple and easily understandable by even the beginners. Although not very religious by the general definition, she feels a strong connection with God and believes that He watches over her in all walks of life. She has always aspired to stand-out amidst the common and hence avoids following a herd-instinct as much as possible. Also a Featured Author at Momspresso, the popular motherhood and parenting app, Neha had got her debutante novella published about a couple of years ago. The novella 'Plus Minus' is about a group of friends, their respective families and depicts various phases of human life through their individual experiences. Through this story and its characters, she has attempted to convey the message that it is possible to succeed in life even without losing integrity, which seems tough these days. She intends to make this world a better place with her writings.

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