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Mancando by Shreyas Mogal: Book Review by Soudia Parveen

ByThe Rise Insight

May 18, 2022

A fictional book framed by the imaginative ideas of a being can sometimes drive differently in the ocean of minds. Though one knows that the characters, plots, setting, is fabricated and based on the author’s imagination, we tend to believe it and get deep into the thoughts of the author tending to believe every inch of it. Added up to this, if the book remains suspense till the end appears to be more eye-catching and demanding along with the varieties in characters varying from one suspect to another.

Similarly, a masterpiece like “Mancando” by Shreyas Mogal contains exactly what a fictionalised piece of work must have. The subtitle ‘an ordeal of rhythm and revenge’ catches one’s attention by depicting the unpleasant and prolonged experience in a row and the revenge. The book contains some relatable factors from the real life scenarios in order to add spice in the inputs for the readers to get flown away. The author before adding it up had done a wide area of research about the Mumbai Police, its headquarters and the detection unit. The author referred the tragic events throughout the novel,

like the 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts, 1999 Terrorist

Attacks, the Elphinstone Road Railway Station stampede,2002 riots, 2003 terrorist attacks, 2006

train blasts and 26/11 terrorist attacks which happened in the city of Mumbai.

Wikipedia was the source via which every knowledge highlighted above was researched.

The conclusion is where the book starts with Vikram Kashyap, a billionaire industrialist, who is shot dead on-stage on the most significant event in his career.

Meanwhile the investigation was proceeded by the Mumbai Police led by Inspectors ‘Reyansh Singh and Kyra Ghosh’, the progress follows a different track when two more murders follow in a row.

However, as Reyansh & Kyra researched into the

matter, they realised and found themselves in a sudden big change, causing a lot of trouble along with their lives at stake.

What follows next is the most important turning point!

The author ‘Shreyas Mogal’ being an Instrumentation Engineer based in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region also tends to have a certain knack for literary skills, which is definitely proved by the piece of work he had put forward in his debut book. Besides these he also writes poems, blogs, short stories, flash fictions, technical articles, marketing content and web content in addition to scripts and screenplays. Apart from his technical and literary background,

Shreyas also plays the keyboard and likes to write

music, which is depicted slightly in the cover page of his book containing suspicious events from the cover to the blurb.

Therefore, a crime thriller is a waste until it’s filled with tension, anxiety and excitement because one doesn’t know what will happen or how things will end over the climax. This helps a book in winning over the reader’s attention. This book not only contains mysterious chapters but the name of the chapter is not highlighted with a title, instead of which it is titled as “Chapter 01”, “Chapter 02”, and the row follows the same pattern till the last chapter which is “Chapter 32”. The author’s masterpiece shows how deep his thoughts and notions can frame a content with all the required criteria’s of a crime thriller fictionalised book. Combination of 2022 and a crime thriller fictional book sounds exciting and feels incredible once read attentively driving into the author’s point of view and imaginative scenario.

By The Rise Insight

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