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Jansdell Bharathi Foundation Future Ahead. – – Akashak Bose

ByThe Rise Insight

Jan 21, 2022

“Without economics, it’s difficult to grasp the Jansdell Bharathi Foundation,” said the Foundation’s Honorary Chair. He further added “ We faced lots of challenges during our initial days as we lacked experience. But slowly we understood where the problem lies and what’s the solution for it. We are here to undertake a radical change in the field of education and technology to focus on a paradigm shift in learning methodologies and approaches and to promote creative ideas and insights and at upgrading value education for the holistic development of learners.

By following our core principles We are confident that we will achieve our aim by developing a world-class research and startup ecosystem for India”.

The foundation was established in the year 2020 to fulfill the ambitions of Mr. Jansdell and Dr. Bharathi. It was Mr. Jansdell who laid the foundation of this organization. Unfortunately, the passing away of Mr. Jansdell in 2020 due to the Covid complications was a shock for them. Thereafter Dr. Bharathi became the torch-bearer. Now a group of students has made it their collective vision to eradicate poverty. The Jansdell Bharathi Foundation, even though it is a research-based organization, but their main goal is to bring an economic revolution to eradicate poverty by developing Startup ecosystems.

“India will become Atmanirbhar if the rural population grows innovative, and we believe, The foundation has a role to play in that. We have already awarded Bharathi Scholarship to 3 students despite having limited resources. For the time being, we’re awarding a limited number of students but soon we will extend this to all the students who wanted to learn and grow in orderto make India Atma Nirbhar .” Told Executive Director to TRI

The foundation also provides a forum that organizes various events for the socio and economic development of the country by bringing like-minded people together. They constantly engage themselves at different levels and on various topics to make policy recommendations for global growth. They are attempting to reach out to all people even the marginalized sections of the society, with a particular emphasis on improving the skills of the rural population and involving them in a cottage industry. This will make sure economic growth for the population. They have recently  launched their signature schemes “Bharathi Scholarship” which will provide scholarships to poor students for their higher studies in any Indian university and the “ Jansdell Scholarship” for those who are starting their start-up.

By The Rise Insight

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