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ByAkarshak Bose

Jan 18, 2022

It’s been 2 years since Covid 19 has been a part of our life, challenging the human race, perhaps quite often by its variants. In 2020, the Covid hit the global economy harder. Locking down their economies, shutting down their borders proved to be a difficult choice for the developing countries.

In such a turmoil time, we witness strange scenarios which forced us to think is Covid a plan?

The response of the World Health Organisation is too cold for finding the true origin of the virus. Some say it is manufactured by China’s Institute of Virology, while some claim it to be natural. We believe it’s manufactured not because of its traits but because we can’t trust a communist regime. The violent spread of Covid 19 and not disclosing the truth to the global community by China smell like a conspiracy.

When the global economy was suffering China was growing at a rapid pace as if they have done it to divert others so that they can be ahead in the race. They want to influence the Globe via its diplomacy and they are using this virus as a tool.

Education is the backbone of any Country. In a popular Bengali Movie “Hirak Rajar Deshe” by Satyajit Ray, we saw how a tyrant king “Hirak Raja” saw education as his enemy. Even though his minister’s mere puppets. The king considers a teacher as his sole enemy. The king sees the teacher as a threat to his kingdom’s new generation and forcefully closes his school down and tries to burn down books. The king believes if his citizens get educated- “The more they study, the more they know, the lesser they follow orders”.

We can relate this with the present scenario when the school and colleges were shut and the students were forced to study through online mode. Let’s us be true to ourselves, online mode cannot replace the physical classroom as it doesn’t deliver quality education. We will lose valuable treasure if this online education continues as the internet and smartphones are enslaving the students. Perhaps this is what China wants, it wants to make the bright young minds dull just to secure its future and to avoid revolution. As Communism is just another form of dictatorship, they want its subjects to follow orders blindly.

China’s military and economic dominance have indeed increased since 2020 and there isn’t any trusted data that can provide a clear picture of the impact that Covid 19 caused on China.

If you repeat a lie it turns to be the truth. by state-sponsored propaganda, China forced the global community to believe “Bat as the natural origin of Covid 19” but this claim still lacks scientific shreds of evidence. China left no stone unturned to use this disaster as an opportunity to massify its influence.  Attacked India and Taiwan, initiated global economic crisis, pushed millions to recession kept lakhs of students out of school and colleges, and murdered billions of people. But who are in gain- The Communist Regime of China. It is turned to be biological warfare, another world war thus those with a democratic mindset should come together to counter this.

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