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Self Love Patience (which can teach us a lot) Lesson – 3 : Srishty Verma

BySrishty Verma

Jan 21, 2022

Now it’s time to take our third step towards loving ourselves.  During this whole process of loving yourself, patience plays a very important role. Patience means “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed”. I think we all know the meaning of patience and their importance’s. But why is patience so important for us and especially for young people? why our elders always suggest us to take every decision with some patience. Why they are always like “you should deal every situation with patience, I mean why? During this fast-moving era.  We always want to be the first and we always prefer the fastest way to find our result that’s why a lot of time we put ourselves in a hard or I should say in a depressing situation, from where we cannot find a way to come out by our own.  Let’s ask ourselves that what patience can, actually provide us.

This eight-letters word Patience play a very small but really important role in our life. Let me explain to you with an example: as Rivers knows this: There is no hurry, we shall get there someday .it shows that patience is bitter but its fruit is delicious like medicine to a child.

The truth is that all of our answers are inside ourselves, it’s just that we need to find them. Patience allows us to take the pause that helps us get our thoughts out back in order and our feelings under control.  When you feel like you need some time for yourself to breath, to heal, to simply be yourself, you should allow yourself to take that time and during this process if you find yourself feeling guilty toward your love ones, for not giving them enough time, remember: – if you are not able to give them enough time it’s doesn’t mean that you don’t love them, it just that you are prioritising yourself first, you are giving yourself more time to love yourself to find yourself. And it’s normal, in my personal opinion Patience teaches us to become calmer, it provides us with steadiness. It also says that one should take a break and allow him/her time to wait for getting the best result for themselves and also one should have a positive attitude towards your result. BTS member Jungkook once said “Patience is not the ability to wait, but it’s the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting”. Dealing with every situation with patience and calmness can solve our half of the problem. we all have to be more patient towards yourself. If you lose your patience, you lose the battle of your life as a farmer roots out his crop before the proper time. we are growing a little bit more each and every day, just be patient with the time. as

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