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HEART Сердце – a medical bilingual book by Ashutosh Vats | Book Review

ByPuspendra Thakur

Aug 12, 2021

As everyone is well aware of the heart and its significance in running the human body, ignoring this fact is both undeniable and unignorable. Research has been done in plenty to find out how to ensure the smooth working of the heart and a comfortable life free of any diseases. As it is taught to children and elders are equally aware, the heart should be taken care of religiously. The basic fact that it is the heart which pumps and purifies blood for the whole body is in itself the loveliest thing that God has created it. In the aesthetic sense, it is also said that the heart feels emotions and yet, its capacity to bear the whole body and ensure life in it is a thing of both beauty and wonder.

The book, “Heart: A Medical Bilingual Book” by Ashutosh Vats is about heart. The author has written the book after doing an in-depth research about heart.

“Heart: A Medical Bilingual Book” is divided in to sixteen chapters has some difficult vocabulary as well which makes the book a good read for someone who understands medical vocabulary easily. Since the book is a part of the medical course, the presence of jargon is expected. This makes the book a treasure for those belong to the medical industry and also those who have some knowledge of the heart and all the dynamics related to it.

The author begins by writing the history of the heart in the first chapter of the book. The heart is the most important organ of the body this is identified by a Greek philosopher. The author has written different perspectives on the heart and its history in the first chapter. He further goes on to explain about the heart in biological terms and how it benefits the whole body and mind. Vats has written Harvey’s ideas about heart in “Heart: A Medical Bilingual Book”  which were widely accepted by the end of seventeenth century. A person who has the slightest knowledge of these ideas would be able to understand all that the author has to say with ease. In the second chapter, the author has explained the simple and meaning of heart. How it works and why it should be taken care of. Since all know the why factor, the how factor becomes one of immediate interest to the readers.

Intricacies of how heart is made and what it is has been written in the book in a wonderful manner. This makes reading the book an interesting experience and even readers who may not be much aware find their knowledge base being expanded after reading “Heart: A Medical Bilingual Book.” In further chapters, the author has written about functions of heart and has explained each and every function in detail from all perspectives. Vats has written about physiology of the heart, physical treatment, heart failure, congenital heart disease, fun facts about the heart and many such an intriguing and an important aspect about heart.

As the language of the book is an academic the book would be easily

understandable for medical students. The author has explained everything in detail with a slow-paced writing style which makes the book a bit lengthier to be read. But at the same time, it ensures a clarity in the concepts and the readers and hence, a better understanding of all that should be known accurately. The book has a lot of information and hence is a must read for someone who likes to read informational content regarding heart. Medical industry has advanced a lot and people have made revolutionary efforts to create an awareness among people about how to make the human body. Therefore, even people who do not belong to the medical fraternity can try reading Ashutosh Vats’ “Heart: A Medical Bilingual Book.”

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