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Guilty Movie Review | Kiara Advani | The Literature Times

BySwapna Peri

Jan 22, 2021

The Review
The movie is a visual representation of #meToo movement that created jolts in and around the world. The Bollywood industry also had hard times when accusations on actors for the abuses that happened decades ago sprung up. In this movie, Nanki played by Kiara open up about child abuse and rape after many years. I found this is one of the few movies where the movie director gave Kiara a performance-oriented role, and to be honest, she just aced.

The class differences, the gender differences, social injustice and the evil face of rich and powerful people are well shown.

The Characters
The movie runs around three main characters – Nanki played by Kiara Advani, Tina played by Akansha and VJ by Gurfateh Singh. Tina’s character resonates with the small-town girl who forces herself to enjoy the riches that she never had in whatever way she can. She takes all the steps irrespective of being right or wrong but showcases herself on par with the other rich girls in the college. Nanki is a muted voice and is a spoilt female for reasons like troubled childhood, and she is a silent volcano. VJ’s character is an arrogant yet reasonable person who is not afraid because he always has wealthy and influential parents backing him.

The Narration
The narration of the story and the scenes that help the scene to build a sense of rage, shock, and strength is well shown. The movie doesn’t bore the audience at any point in time. This shows the strength of the plot and its writing. The director, Ruchi Narain, sustained the interest and mystery behind the case very coherently.

Many abuse cases and physical abuse victims, be it rape or other means of torture, often go unnoticed and unregistered. In this movie, there are two instances which make the audience think twice. One example is when Tina raises her voice to accuse VJ of raping her and another when Nanki opens up to the people about herself towards the movie’s climax. She unfolds the secret of child abuse rape.

Few scenes where VJ’s mother was trying to save her son because they are rich and buy the law was a little funny because, in a country like India, everyone is equal before the law. There are cases where justice is late but is never denied.

The movie is not another college story that dwells in romance and bling but serious matters of inequalities, injustice and muted voices. There are some scenes where the audience and especially the female audience will clench their fists. An allegation after Valentine’s day party by one of the students Tina creates ripples in the story. Nanki, a lyricist of the band where her boyfriend VJ is the lead singer is left in waters when Tanu accuses VJ of raping her! The investigation later unveils the unexpected turn in the story. As the investigation goes on, there are multiple other stories to keep revealing.

This whole process in the movie hooks up the audience to their seats indeed. The matured and commendable performances by all the actors in the film are appealing.

Main CastKiara Advani
Gurfateh Singh Pirzada
Dalip Tahil
Taher Shabbir
GenreCrime Thriller
DirectorRuchi Narain
ProducerKaran Johar
Apoorva Mehta
EditorBodhaditya Banerjee
Distributed ByNetflix

Reviewed By: Swapna Peri, The Literature Times

By Swapna Peri

A passionate book reviewer, writer, narrator, translator and a copy editor, Swapna has a B. Tech in Computer Science and is a former SAP Technical Consultant. She is the writer, narrator, editor and translator for three books published with Literoma Publishing, Kolkata. She created and manages the “Book Reviews Café” official blog and Facebook page that contains all the book reviews. Swapna is also a content writer and reviewer with Storizen Magazine and CriticSpace Journals website. She is a columnist with one of the leading women's websites in Telugu named 'Vihanga'. Recently, she has joined ' The Literature Times' team to share her views and articles about general topics, movies and books.

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