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Brain: You are an emotional idiot.

Heart: Yes, maybe because I have feelings

Brain: Be Practical, and think logically

Heart: I can never do that

Brain: Huh, that’s why I am the crown of the head

Being practical and emotional is the bottom line. As a human, we always have a thought fight between mind and heart.  Sometimes being emotional it gives you the feeling what others are in their situations. But getting emotional about your feelings kills you in silence. Practical people have reasons and logic for overcoming their issues or managing any pressure. Yet passionate people are on the web of emotions where they lose courage and have no ability to break the walls around them. It is hard for them to develop in a new way, to adopt a new way of thinking and to be very courageous.

We all make mistakes; we can never be perfect for anyone. But being emotional, we become blind too. Feelings are good, but before we have feelings for someone we all need to ask ourselves, does that person deserve my feelings? If the answer is yes, then yes, you are going in the right direction, but if the answer is no then sorry to say yes, you are an emotional fool.

Practical people have neither time or space for emotions.  They only feel for themselves, and the best part is that they think for a shorter period of time and quickly bump and stand out with their daily activities. These people are not sensitive; they can never be quickly injured; they don’t even know how to express reactions in their romantic life. They believe in the fulfilment of the responsibilities they have on their shoulders, so they are always the stars of their family, friends, and even among colleagues. After all, who don’t like responsible people? But from a practical point of view, it is sometimes difficult to manage a sensitive relationship and the results show up as a failed marriage or a broken hearts.

Today, let’s talk something about the benefits of being Practical:

It’s wonderful to be practical. You are very familiar with your efforts, and for you, the grass are always green. It doesn’t matter; you stand on your own or against any storm or high waves. You know exactly what you want and how you’re going to make it happen.

You know, for having a lot of good sense, which is charming. You set your own rules, and you are the sovereign of your realm.

A person like you is the best person in crisis when you are there thinking quickly and logically. You have an intrepid personality. The practical person is full of self-confidence and is always independent in thought and way of working. As they care about their happiness, it does not take the time to get out of a relationship. These people never have a tendency to understand their exes, and cannot be strong enough to accept certain faults, which was their weakness.  

Now, let’s focus on emotionally engaged people:

Emotional People are a victim of its own feelings. They are generally blackmailed by their sentiments. The relationship is the game of equilibrium, where you and your partner must strike the same thing.

NO ONE IS PERFECT – This seems uncomfortable, right? But love is an extreme emotion; it may also cause the strongest person to descend. Yes, traveling with a practical person is not a comfortable stroll, but emotions can make the journey pleasant and quiet.

Emotional people can never ignore people easily; this is difficult work for them. Sometimes life gets too complicated because of some immature decisions, and so the inner voice stays within forever.

It is never easy to understand an emotional person’s perspective. Emotions also make too much sense, but they also need to understand where they stand.

Being overly emotional is not funny, not for you, not for your family and friends. There are billions of people in this world, and you can never keep each and everyone happy. Don’t kill yourself for happiness to satisfy someone’s needs and desires.

Finally, Nobody should attempt to change themselves, we all are born beautiful and yes weirdly too. We all need someone in our lives because as humans, we all have hearts that are always alive in the quest for love, friendship and companionship. Emotions are difficult to construct, but easily lost in a single minor mistake. Being practical can be challenging at first, but it makes life easier at the end. Never waste your time, your precious life starring at closed doors.

Article by: Shaheen Kazi

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