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Featuring Reewen George D Silva Author of the book “SANKALP”

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Jun 19, 2021

Name: Mr. Reewen George D Silva

Birth Place: Manipal, Udupi, Kaarnataka

Interests: Health care, Finance, Research

Hobbies: Solving Rubikscube, Playing piano, Playing Badminton and Football.

About Reewen:

Reewen George D Silva, born in Manipal, Udupi with schooling in Mangalore, is an MBBS student at Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences of 2017 batch. He edited his first book in MBBS 2nd year. Further this year he has added 2 more to this list which aim to add students’ academic knowledge. He is an ardent writer with focus on motivation and educational content, has contributed and edited content for magazines and periodicals. He is a principal investigator and co investigator & has authored multiple research work in collaboration and stepped into publications. His drive to be focussed demonstrates the quality of the content which is evident through his work. He spends his spare time playing badminton and football and learning about finance.

Achievement So far:

This KVPY scholar has served as editor in chief for three books on student oriented medical education. An inspired researcher with 06 projects in hand including an ICMR STS. He has organized medical quizzes, webinars, and conferences, presented posters and papers in national conferences. He holds multiple posts in national and state level student organisations and a member of IMA MSN, GAIMS, MSAI, AMSA, SIMSA, SAMSA.

Favourite Topics of Writing:

Scientific articles, motivational content and life experiences.

What describes you the best: Motivational author, Content writer and Academic author.

  1. Graphical Author
  2. Mystery Writer
  3. Motivational Author
  4. Romance Author
  5. Content Writer
  6. Academic Author

Tell us something about your Writing Career:

I have contributed on how to manage personal life in the Residency made easy series, after extensive research and consultation coming in all of the 26 book series. Have worked as Editor in chief of Aaghaz aimed at 4th prof MBBS students and PG aspirants, providing a concise overview of the important concepts needed to ace an exams, be it University or Competitive examinations. Sankalp, which is aimed at 3rd prof MBBS students and PG aspirants, having a collection of mnemonics of the major and volatile concepts, a must have for University and Competitive examinations for any aspirant.

Tell us something about your book:

SANKALP is a collection of mnemonic made for MBBS students and PG aspirants. It focuses mainly on 3rd year subjects – PSM, ENT and Ophthalmology. We have tried to make mnemonics on all concepts covering whole of the subject so that it is easy for students to remember them. Mnemonics are simple and easy to understand and help in comprehensive understanding of the subject which ensures better presentation making it easier to read. 

What encourages you to become an Author?

The fact that any number of people can read and reflect on my thoughts, my perspectives, any academic work, any content and life experiences when written down on a piece of paper irrespective of the place I currently stay, without having to meet the reader and standing the test of time as any literary work- encourages me to become an author.

What is your current goal in writing career:

I want to author 10 books, produce multiple scientific articles and be on editorial board of esteemed journals by the age of 30.

The titles seems different and catchy, how you decided it?

We thought of SANKALP, meaning – one pointed resolve to focus totally on a specific goal. Here our specific goal was to bring out a collection of mnemonics for the students to aid in their academic journey, and we focussed completely to make this possible. This title is indicative of the authors resolve to bring this to students and of the students resolve to ace their examinations, for which this book will help them out a lot.

Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.

Yes, I have a few on my mind and working on other few. Will be publishing them in the coming few years.

By The Rise Insight

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  1. Great Achievement Dr.Reewen George D Silva. Keep continuing your service. More useful for young aspirants. Congratulations.

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