Featuring Author : Twinkle Gupta Author of the Book “INAYA – Not Just A Love Story”


“INAYA – Not Just A Love Story”

Have you ever been in love, wholeheartedly? Did the person you fall for, loved you back with the same or more intensity?
What is your realization of love and life? This dialogue-based book will take you to an entirely
different world.
Inaya is a story of a young girl, who has lost all her
confidence and happiness, because of her past. She leads a
very simple life until she meets a guy who comes in her life
as a stalker. Revealing Inaya’s past and present, you’ll be left with some
mind-boggling thoughts that will make you feel like one of
the characters in this story.
Well, this is not only Inaya’s story.
It’s yours.
Find out which character from the story are you?

About Twinkle Gupta

Twinkle Gupta is a twenty-four-year young writer who likes
playing with words. Working as an Instrumentation Designer
for last 6 years, she finally gave up her job and started her journey as a freelancer. Her services include content writing, book reviewing, personal branding, and personality development. She likes to spread her
ideas of making this world a better place. She is also the co-founder of a mental health community that goes by the name of Love Inaya. She loves what she does and she is onto make difference with her vision.

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