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Book Review of The Art Of Plunder written by Alekhya Talapatra

ByThe Rise Insight

Jun 6, 2023

Sometimes, greed can be too dangerous; you never know when even a minor & harmless looking act of greed can affect generations after generations. The harsh truth about greed is that it always comes with consequences. Sadly, you can never escape the consequences of your greed & even if you did so then it becomes much worse as your ‘Next of Kin’ pays for your mistakes.

Well, this remarkable title, “The Art Of Plunder” by Author Alekhya Talapatra has presented the readers with a brilliantly written tragic story that is filled with suspense & thriller. The book covers a great story revolving around some of the main characters and the incidents of their lives. The manner in which the events will occur in the lives of the prime characters is certainly going to bind the readers and make them feel the thrill while going through this amazing novel. The book is an interesting read and the author has narrated the events in a real clever manner that will make the readers go deep in the storyline!

Author Alekhya Talapatra, a XLRI alumnus is a consultant in the technology industry and has been a professional for the last three decades. He is an avid reader and writer, apart from being an accomplished painter. He stays in Johannesburg, which is a beautiful city in South Africa. Author Alekhya is also known for other books like, “Who Killed Her Husband” and “What’s Meant To Be Will Always Find A Way!” While his latest book, “The Art Of Plunder” was published and released worldwide by Evincepub Publishing on 26th of May 2023 and the readers can find this title on every top online marketplaces. The book is available in both Paperback as well as in E-Book format.

This amazing title, “The Art Of Plunder” by Author Alekhya Talapatra is a thriller fiction and comes under the category of ‘Historical Fiction!’ The book is an enthralling tale that delves into the world of greed, historical artefacts, and the pursuit of vengeance. Set against the backdrop of a booming market for historical relics, this captivating story follows the journey of Raina in Srinagar and Neel in Jorhat as they navigate a treacherous path fuelled by loss and a desire for retribution!

The book begins with the heart breaking loss of the protagonists’ fathers and subsequent abandonment by their guardians, all due to the insidious grasp of greed. This pivotal event sets the stage for Raina and Neel to embark on a quest for justice and redemption. Their paths converge when they encounter the ancient Buddhist relics known as Yiddhi and Yiddham – a gold mask veiled by a five-headed cobra and a gem studded gold tortoise, respectively. These artefacts become not only symbols of their shared fate but also catalysts for their intertwined journeys. Well, the readers would find several twists & turns in the “24 Reading Worthy Chapters” presented by the author in this title.

Coming to the choice of the book title, we find that the title “The Art Of Plunder” for this book, which is a suspenseful tragedy is certainly an appropriate one. Moreover, with reference to the collection of chapters added to this book by the author the book title makes complete sense. In addition, it is a very ‘Catchy Title’ and this is something, which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you to pick up this book for a read. In this case, the title is giving a very interesting & thrilling vibe so you would feel the urge to go inside this book. In addition, I must mention that the title of this book is much “Justified” with regards to the sequence of the chapters in this book. Undoubtedly, it is a very apt title for this title and the author had been extremely wise to go for a book title like this one!

Well, if we go over the Readers’ Connect part for this book then interestingly we can note that this title, ‘The Art Of Plunder’ is written in a real appealing manner. One of the notable strengths of this novel lies in its vivid portrayal of the greed driven world of historical artefact hunting. The author effectively captures the ruthlessness and cutthroat nature of this industry, immersing readers in the high-stakes game where the line between preservation and exploitation becomes blurred. Through atmospheric descriptions and meticulous attention to detail, the book transports readers to the bustling marketplaces, hidden archaeological sites, and clandestine dealings that shape Raina and Neel’s pursuit. Interestingly, the characters in the story are well developed and multi-dimensional, each driven by their own motivations and haunted by personal tragedies.

In addition, the various chapters in this title are indeed engrossing & fascinating and the narration carried out by the author is so amazingly lucid, that it would totally hook the readers until the very last page of this incredibly written title. Moreover, it should be noted that this is one such title, which will make the readers think about the stories inside this book for several times, even after completing this title!

Now, coming to the final part, i.e. the Book’s Verdict where I must mention that a title like, “The Art Of Plunder” is for sure a MUST READ one & deserves a chance by the readers. Well, the book is a captivating as well as a thought provoking work that masterfully explores the depths of human nature and the complexities of moral choices. With its engaging storytelling, rich historical backdrop, and compelling characters, it is sure to appeal to fans of adventure, mystery, and tales that delve into the darker side of the human psyche.

Moreover, the book is most certainly presenting a reading worthy tale for the people of all ages and is written in a very clever manner. We do not get to see much amazing titles very often in the market so it will be a great deal for the book lovers to give this title a chance. In addition, Author Alekhya Talapatra deserves all the appreciation for his honest & hard work in this title!

By The Rise Insight

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