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When one talks about spirituality and connecting with the divine, it is a subject that may not be of much knowledge to many due to its being abstract. While some books have attempted to explore and explain the subject closely, only a few have been successful in achieving that feat. If the book “Life Explored: After Experiencing Stillness Within” by Moheni Govinda Nehette is considered among them, it would not be wrong. The book, through its simple style and writing technique, not only simplifies the subject for the readers but also convinces them to implement habits to change their lives for the better.

“Life Explored” on reading the title gives multiple ideas to the readers. While, for once, it appears to be an exploration of life through the eyes of the author, the subtitle conveys otherwise. The subtitle, “After Experiencing Stillness Within,” suggests a journey that the author may have undertaken on an internal level while on a quest to find herself. It also indicates the journey of the author while she was set to make sense of life through herself. Likewise, the readers would also have multiple thoughts when they would come across the title and subtitle. This style makes the content seem rich and open to reading by all people since everyone thinks differently.

Nehette’s “Life Explored” provides the readers a view of spirituality and the author’s experience as she lived through it and what she felt like. At the same time, it also gives the readers an opportunity to take a plunge into the world of spirituality and empower their connection with the divine. While it helps them place their faith once again, it also reinforces the hope they have in spirituality and the relationship with the divine. The manner in which the author writes the content in the book also makes it easy to understand. She speaks to the readers directly and uses a very concise style of conveying her point. While she conveys it successfully, she also delivers messages that would remain significant in their lives otherwise, too.

The readers who want to know about the effects of spirituality in someone’s life and also understand them in their lives can read “Life Explored.” The book will educate and also enlighten them together. In the routine life where everyone is busy and occupied with making their ends met, this book would offer a temporary refuge where they would be away from reality for some time but will also ensure that the ones who read come back in a rejuvenated form. They would experience energy being restored and also a hope of a better tomorrow. The book does not give a set of steps or any pre-defined course of action to move ahead. It is up to the discretion of the readers and carve a path for themselves as per their capabilities. As per the title, “After experiencing stillness within” the message becomes loud and clear that first, the readers need to explore the life within them. Only then will they be able to explore it outside themselves. In the real sense, the journey begins from within. “Life Explored” would help the readers take a step and walk on the path which Nehette attempts to show the readers. Many readers may mistake the book to be like any other book about spirituality and its. preaching, but it is much beyond, which can only be understood by those who read it. Therefore, this book is recommended to the readers who may or may not read about spirituality not just about to enlighten themselves but to also understand and experience it through another person’s eyes. Even those who do not have knowledge about this topic can find the book helpful, to begin with.

The other attraction for many readers would be the length of the book. “Life Explored” is not too short nor too long for reading. The size has been kept according to an average reader. Therefore, all readers can try reading the book once. The frequent breaks and pauses here and there ensure the readers get time to absorb all that has been written and understand it correctly. It leaves no possibility of any confusion either. Structurally too, Nehette keeps the sections of the book broadly divided without any clear demarcation. This explains that even if the author broadly divided the sections, they still are related and would intermingle together when discussed.Hence, all readers should try for once to read “Life Explored: After Experiencing Stillness Within” by Moheni Govinda Nehette and explore life with an experience of stillness within themselves and enlighten themselves for a better life.

  • Title: Life Explored
  • Author: Moheni Govinda Nehette
  • Reviewed By Akhila Saroha

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