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Book Review of “EXPRESSION OF DEVOTION” by Moheni Govinda Nehette

ByThe Rise Insight

Dec 7, 2021

When Pico Della Mirandola wrote “Oration on the Dignity of Man,” he celebrated man and his greatness. While writing, he would not have thought that years later, the existence of humans and their power would be celebrated in “Expression of Devotion” by Moheni Govinda Nehette. In her book, Nehette not only celebrates the existence of human beings but also guides the readers to the path of hope and optimism in a direction to make their lives peaceful and solemn.

The title, “Expression of Devotion” in itself signifies a lot more detail on the whole. The readers get an idea that the book is an expression of the author’s thought and the way she feels about her connection with the divine. The simple cover is an expression of the clarity of view that the author has and the smooth manner in which she is going to convey all her thoughts. At the same time, the choice of colors also appears as a soothing sight to the eyes, and the readers are drawn to the book in no time. Nehette’s work is a journey that has the purpose of giving the readers an experience of the spiritual and also celebrate their existence in the form they are in this birth.

While human beings are engrossed the routine earthly activities and forget the basic purpose of their birth, being the liberation of the soul, “Expression of Devotion” comes as a reminder and guiding light on the path of liberation. Even while many would remain involved in the day to day life and activities related to it, this book attempts to guide them in their spiritual awakening amidst all this. Since the book is a product of Nehette’s experiences on a personal level, that element finds its way through the pages and gives the readers a potent experience in connecting with themselves and the divine. As many readers would look up to the divine superpower to help them through the tough times they face, Nehette’s book helps them take a step towards their connection with the divine and feel stronger.

Another interesting feature that would not escape the observation of the readers is the format that the author uses in writing “Expression of Devotion.” The format of writing her thoughts in letter form may remind many readers of the epistolary structure followed in fiction writing. It is noteworthy how the author builds the book in this framework but follows the non-fictional style of writing. Through her letter format, the author connects with the readers much more closely and on a personal level. In this manner, she not only conveys to the readers about her life and the way she lives it but also convinces them to give serious thought to cater to their spiritual awakening. To make it all a better experience, the author uses a language that would help her reach out to as many readers as possible. Even if they are not into reading books on spirituality and content related, they still can easily understand the author’s ideas without much difficulty.

At the same time, Nehette’s direct address to herself and her readers makes the readers alert and does not let them remain in the seat of the spectator. Instead, they become subconscious participants in the events described by the author and start relating themselves to the situations described by the author. This is the effect of the direct addressing style that the author follows. While it is innovative, at the same time, it is exciting and gives the readers a whole new experience. Simultaneously, it gives them a path to walk and explore their spiritual journey while living their routine life and also connecting with the divine.

In this time when many people are going through a mental crisis due to the various negative forces that prevail, “Expression to Devotion” by Moheni Govinda Nehette would help them ponder over their existing situation to find ways out. It would also help them understand themselves and the fact that life is more and beyond the worries that they have. Hence, the book is recommended not just to readers but also non readers who struggle to make sense of all that is prevailing in the present time. The readers would get to see the expressions of Nehette’s devotion and the way she expresses her connection with the superpower and unseen forces.

  • Author : Moheni Govinda Nehette
  • Reviewed By Akhila Saroha

By The Rise Insight

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