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Evolution is a process that goes on throughout the life of an individual. It begins from birth and goes on till a person breathes their last. In this journey, the person can also cater to their needs of evolution and ensure their growth is smoother. “Evolving self” is a book by Moheni Govinda Nehette, which can be considered a self-help book that focuses on the evolution of self in this lifetime. As the name suggests, the book helps the readers to evolve more about their personalities. The title justifies every incident very accurately, which is mentioned in the book.

Spirituality may seem a tricky term for ordinary people, but somewhere, everyone is craving for it. In the meantime, the book “Evolving Self” even explains the meaning of longing and cravings. Everyone wants to be stable and attain peace, but the paths they take to acquire this are different. Can being religious help one in attaining spirituality? Yes or no, Both are applicable here. Spirituality has nothing to do with any religion. It depends on one’s personality. The book presents a deep insight into matters such as one’s perspective on seeing things, how one individual is different from the other when they socialize and bond with people, and how their personality becomes ideal and sets the bar for many. It is interesting to note that the solutions to all problems are also with the people themselves.

“Evolving Self” suggests that the more a person will remain close to themselves, the more they can solve the mysteries of this world. It’s a matter of vision too. Many see Ravan as a devil, but he had an abundant source of knowledge. So, why did he chose to be a villain? The book explains such mythological questions very effortlessly and with a pragmatic approach. To attain spirituality, a person has to find your Master who will guide them. But, how to find that Master? Is he a person or God? There are thousands of questions about our beliefs. ‘Energy can never be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to another.’ The author has described that how energies can change our life. Such meticulous yet broad explanations of such things can’t be found easily. “Evolving Self” by Nehette is a beautiful treasure for those who have an interest in astrology. However, beginners can also understand the terminologies.

The author’s writing style is notable. It is concise, clear, has clarity of thought, and is straightforward. Some questions are hard to answer, but it’s not impossible. The author has proved it in her book “Evolving Self.” The language is lucid, and an average amount of vocabulary was used. It can be understood by all readers. One of the best things about the book is it’s a short read. So, all the readers who have not read on this subject would find this book convenient for reading. The chapters were kept short, which makes it easy for those who like to take breaks while reading. At the ending of those chapters, the readers will find both questions and answers, i.e. it solves the queries that may have been in the readers’ minds while progressing through the chapters.

Moreover, it would be easier for ordinary readers to understand. If readers have an interest in astrology, then Moheni Govinda Nehette’s “Evolving Self” will amaze them. The subject of the book may sound abstract for many, but still, if the readers would try reading the book, they would undoubtedly gain some clarity on the subject of spirituality and how it impacts the evolution of oneself. Even those who want to begin their reading journey on the topic of spirituality can try reading Nehette’s book and cater to the needs of their evolution.

  • Title: Evolving Self
  • Author: Moheni Govinda Nehette
  • Review By: Akhila Saroha

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