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Book Review: A Conversation With Time

ByThe Rise Insight

Dec 6, 2021

Author: Nabaghan Ojha
ISBN: 9789354465833
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Review By: Soudia Parveen

Time waits for none, and when it’s prevailing it offers opportunities as well as hurdles to succeed and overcome respectively. Not every day and milliseconds can be manipulated or controlled by any force existing in nature. From moonlight to sunlight, it leaves thousands of minds to potentially make wise decisions and effectively work on the actions. Containing a vivid fictional story, the book “A conversation with time” by the author “Nabaghan Ojha”, aims in witnessing and motivating one to how to succeed over the confused minds and the mob in the world which acts and attributes in hurting and demotivating one’s inner self.

The author aims at providing a meaning to the perception of every being who looks within themselves in an inferior position. These perceptions, when moved to a whole area of positivity, would definitely contribute to a better world. The world could be peaceful, if the thoughts and processes don’t clash with each other and race in the mob to either succeed or defeat.

Evidence suggests that the subjective perception of the passing of time speeds up with increasing age in humans. This usually and frequently causes people to increasingly underestimate a given interval of time in processing thoughts and actions as they grow. The author focuses on giving such practical tips to these certain people in the society to deal with such transitional phases.

Through the acknowledged lines by the author in his debut book presents the concept of failure and then succeeding to be a most useful strategy in growing. In accordance with his bookish stories and lines, it is clearly accepted that a person when broken could definitely be more precious after mending just like the broken cup combined with gold to fill the gaps and turns out to be more expensive and valuable in the market towards the mob of consumers.

A theist thoughtfulness as put forward by the author in this in that the prediction made by the scientific department in the world predicting about the future and how the world would seem in the 2050’s or 2070’s is just a lame concept as beyond science, there is a power upholding the formation and processes of the nature, so instead of obsessing about the pros and cons in the future, one should play a vital role in mending and flowing with the passage of time prevailing at present.

The book is all about two protagonists “Nishit” and “Yogeshwar” around which the relatable life happenings, concepts, hurdles and the coping techniques lies. The character “Nishit” is presented a bit hopeless at first who is guided by the other “Yogeshwar” who is shown to be a teacher in the entire story. Therefore the twist comes in the end, when the author reveals and unfolds the two mysterious characters.

Every readers must hop on to the chapters for a better understanding of the climax providing a knowledge of the work and to cope up with the effects. The very interesting concept framed by tye author is the fundamentals taken from the “Srimad Bhagavad Gita”. He presented the “Kalyug” reaching a phase where the societies across the world urges to be prepared for the transitions, which needs knowledge to which the book is an effort to reach one.

Not only these, but the author also took a wonderful step in providing a glossary at the end of the book, where he beautifully explained the character’s role taken from the holy book “GITA”, for a better understanding to the unaware people.
Therefore, the book is a masterpiece for being a guide to one’s life lead role and doubts resolved.
The author thus, leaves an incredible message “The world is not going anywhere. A new version of life is waiting for you” to all the readers.

By The Rise Insight

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