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Author Aman Talwar comes up with a different view of life where she harps upon recognizing the hidden gems in life

ByAkhila Saroha

Jul 18, 2022
the hidden gems by aman talwarthe hidden gems by aman talwar

In routine life, human beings become so busy and involved that they forget to pay attention to the little details and miss out on the little things that can make significant differences when one talks about changing life or seeing life from a different perspective. This differentiated perspective makes a difference in the lives of those who see the world differently. In her book “The Hidden Gems,” the author Aman Talwar comes up with a different view of life where she harps upon recognizing the hidden gems in life and how these gems have big keys to happiness in them. Through her book, she opens people’s eyes to a different world and tries to highlight the little things that many may have been ignoring subconsciously and tries to make them realize them.

In her short book of fewer than 100 pages, Talwar packs up different thoughts and ideas, which are supplemented by interesting pictures and titles. To add to the excitement, she applies different forms of writing to express her thoughts. Through these different forms, she creates an intangible rhythm that resonates in the senses of the readers, and they have many moments of realization when they agree with the author on a subconscious level. As the preface says, the book takes the readers on a “flight to the offbeat destinations,” where the only objective is to take a break from the routine of life and give some moments to introspect.

 Through different sections in “The Hidden Gems,” the author hints at how the modern day developments in technology and everyday priorities have taken over people’s lives and how, unknowingly, they have adapted to the new system accepting it as the new normal. “The Technological Maze” is worth mentioning here. Through the book, the readers are able to introspect, realize and understand the difference that life has and draw parallels with the past when life was simpler. The author does not exactly divide the book into chapters, she keeps them unnumbered and only focuses on delivering the message in a transparent manner which would give clarity and understanding to the readers.

Other sections like “The Bygone era of Fairytales” and “Knight in Shining Armour” in “The Hidden Gems” take the readers on a nostalgic spin and take them back to their childhood days when they realized their hidden gems. The last part of “Food for Thought” and “Living the Moment” teaches a parting lesson to the readers and gives clarity to the message that the author wants to give. This book would instantly appeal to readers who like to read short and yet thought-provoking books that would set their minds to action. The other appealing factor would be the language that the author uses in her book. The language is simple, easy to understand and matches the vocabulary of any regular reader.

The author in “The Hidden Gems” talks about different aspects of life that would take the readers away from the routine world which is dependent on and driven by technology. She talks of different ways like reading, taking time off and spending it with self and family, going close to nature to enjoy it instead of just going as a tourist, listening to the heart more often, talking about emotions instead of running away from them and striving to have a balanced approach towards life and all that comes with it. These ways would help the readers understand the gems that have been hidden due to the swift movement of life and the quick development of technology that somehow has increased materialism and reduced the depth of people’s thoughts.  “The Hidden Gems” would make readers ponder over the points that the author has mentioned and would also instigate them to take action and try to alter their lives a little, if not too much. The author agrees with the fact that even a little change would make big differences, so even little changes can create waves in a person’s life. The readers can begin by making small changes and thus feel the magnitude as time passes. The book is recommended to all those readers who want to find the hidden gems in their lives and make their lives a little more happy than they are at present.

By Akhila Saroha

Akhila Saroha, qualified to be a teacher in English inherited the love of reading from her father and grandfather. Being from literature and educated from the most prestigious institutions of India, her flair of writing developed in experienced hands and she emerged with her multi talents in no time. Her love for literature is defined by the fact that in her free time, she takes a plunge into the world classics to enrich her knowledge and improve her skills. Apart from that, she reads newspapers regularly to stay connected with worldly issues.

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