How To Earn Money From Travel Blogs?

How To Earn Money From Travel Blogs?

In 21st Century it is quite normal to express your travelling experiences with different people. for some people travelling is life and some wants to travel and hence there are several ways to share our travel experiences with others. By doing blogging or vlogging, now a days vlogging and blogging are really famous.  A travel blog is simply a blog where the entire is focus on the world travel. A travel blog is an online travel journal complete with travel stories, photographs and video that documents traveller’s experiences and enable them to share those experiences with friends and family members, other travellers and even strangers they meet on social media. We can do a lot by becoming a travel influencer, travel influencer is an internet celebrity, that creates social media content about travel, tourism and culture, usually sharing their travel experiences.  

How they can make money?  Making money through travelling and travel blogging is quite normal and easy now a days but one need to work hard so much to get that paid that much. In India, a blogger can earn anything between $100 and $10,000 per month.  On an average, a typical blogger earns around $300- $400 a month.  There are few things one should keep in mind to became a travel blogger are as following under:

  1. Consistent towards blogging.
  2. Self-hosted site.
  3. Brading and advertising the name
  4. Making more readers.
  5. Always coming up with new ideas.
  6. Create engaging content.
  7. Always keep in mind that blog posts, like many other it includes three main elements: – an introduction, the body text, and a conclusion.

Matthew Kepnes from Nomadic Matt, New York is one of the highest paid travel bloggers, author and a full-time travel blogger who has travelled to more than 150 countries in the past 17 years. He earned a lot of money while traveling. he attracts more than 1 million visitors each month.   He also published his book which name of “How to Travel the World On $50 a Day (2013)” gives insightful ways and knowledge to travel cheaper, longer, and smarter.

It is quite possible to become more successful at travel blogging, but one should need to work really hard to get there because write now in current era after covid it is quite difficult to build a career in travel blogging and it takes a lot of patience before you can actually see a decent income flow.  there are few tricks go can do through which you can get paid by a company and travel for free.

One of the major drawbacks of working as a travel blogger is there is no certainty, because the travel blogger never knows how much money he or she is going to make next month. But once you made your grip here then after few years later it is easier for any new blogger to make more money and become famous in this field. And every individual can start their travel blog even when they aren’t travelling. 

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