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What shamed our country? On its 72nd Republic Day.

ByThe Rise Insight

Jan 29, 2021
Farmer's Protest

Mismanagement, miscreants or the machination…?

Not to mention those who underplayed their part, the IB and the Police.

While we are busy playing ‘Pass the buck’, and flaying aimlessly, left, right and centre. I wonder what led thousands of determined miscreants towards the Lal Quila. It is much more than what meets the eye. Let us not fathom the incident just by the tip of the iceberg.

It would be farfetched to believe that the actual protesting farmers who braved out the harsh conditions relentlessly for sixty days went berserk on the ‘Republic Day’ to destroy what they had struggled and strived to build so far. How does one ingest the idea that after all that they went through, they would destroy it overnight?

It is just too fantastic to believe.

The government had nothing to lose except face for failing to come up with a solution despite ten rounds of dialogues. It is not the MSP. The government feels their turn around would give a booster to the dying opposition parties. A fact they cannot allow or acquiesce.

The farmers have already held on to the protests longer than anyone had expected. Creating a deadlock, they cannot undo. Their withdrawal would shatter their unity, integrity, and solidarity once for all. They can only spurn the proposal.

In this ‘Catch 22’ situation, the farmers enjoying the growing sympathy of the nation. A worrying factor for many.

Now the ominous questions from the remains of the day are:

1. Has the government accomplished what it had failed to achieve after ten gruelling rounds of dialogues?

2. Was it the wary partners, desperate to find a reason to wash their hands off the movement?

3. Is it the third front, who is now scavenging the outcome for their political nourishment and enjoying the crack in the impregnable Modi government for its failure to manage? While sympathizing with the farmers.

However, as citizens, we all have certainly lost something. As our day as reverent as January 26th stands ashamed.

Article By: Bobby Geroge, The Literature Times

By The Rise Insight

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